February 3, 2023


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Rzecznik Pentagonu John Kirby pomylił się względem myśliwców dla Ukrainy (fot. arch. PAP/EPA/SHAWN THEW)

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby: I was wrong when I said that Ukraine received full fighters

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby noted his words about the fact that Ukraine received fighters on Wednesday. As he explained, Kyiv received spare parts, thanks to which it was able to increase the number of machines operating in its fleet.

Zelensky: The Russian Federation must be recognized as a sponsor of terrorism

On Wednesday, he said in a video posted on Wednesday, that sanctions against Russia are not an end in themselves, but are aimed at persuading it to seek peace.

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Russia invaded Ukraine – report

“I was wrong when I said, in the past tense, that they (the Ukrainians) got whole planes. I regret that mistake,” Kirby told reporters. On Tuesday, it said Ukraine had received full fighters and parts of unknown partners.

A Pentagon spokesman explained that Mistakenly believes that “another country made (Ukraine) an offer”. But he added that Ukraine had obtained spare parts for aircraft, thanks to which the Ukrainian Air Force was able to increase the number of operating aircraft.

Previously Kyiv denied the Pentagon’s information, and also admitted that it only received spare parts for the aircraft.

According to Politico on Wednesday, officials in Washington are suggesting that delivery of combat aircraft to Ukraine could be a “red line” for Vladimir Putin, and as the portal speculates, “they may have intelligence on this.”

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