February 4, 2023


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Earth transmitter?  The heart of our planet can send a signal every 7 years

Earth transmitter? The heart of our planet can send a signal every 7 years

Signal It was captured by receivers placed on satellites moving around the Earth. regularly every 7 years emitting our planet magnetic signal. strong “Bing!“Maybe it comes from the heart of our planet. This puzzling phenomenon has just been described by a team of French scientists in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. No one knows how a signal is produced and why it is emitted with such a fine regularity.

Our planet regularly sends magnetic radiation into space, which is created as a result Planet’s micro-convulsions if volcanic activity. However, the ambiguous sign is something else entirely. It is definitely stronger and has a bewildering 7-year cycle. If the hypothesis that it emanates from the Earth’s core turns out to be correct, we will have to verify our knowledge about the structure of our planet.

Scientists are searching for answers to how the mysterious signal was created. One theory is that a layer in the Earth’s core makes itself felt this way. According to the latest findings of scientists, the age of the Earth is estimated 4.55 billion years. The interior of our planet consists of several layers: the outer crust is the Earth’s crust. Immediately below it is the so-called Earth’s mantle Ranging from several tens to up to 2,900 kilometers in depth. It takes 70 percent of the Earth’s volume. Below is the questioner outer nucleusAnd in the center of the planet there is a permanent The inner core. It’s the liquid metal layer surrounding the core near the equator that can move around and emit this strange signal. However, this theory does not explain why it occurs regularly every seven years.

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Scientists wonder how the new discovery can be used. If it turns out that similar periodic and regular signals are sent by other planets in the universe, then they can be used to determine locations.second earth” in the space.