Are the shops open on Sunday 22nd October?

October 22 is the fourth Sunday in October this year. Are the shops open then? What facilities are open on October 22, 2023?

Sunday Trading: Will stores be open on Sunday, October 22? Stock conflict image

Will stores be open on October 22?

Sunday, October 22, 2023 is a non-trading Sunday. Most shops remain closed on this day. Selected branches of ABC, ODIDO, Żabka, Carrefour Express and other franchise chain stores may be open. However, these stores may have changed opening hours compared to normal trading days, so it is worth checking online to see how they are open on Sundays.

Sunday trading: what are the exceptions?

There are exceptions to the ban on trading on Sunday, and the legislator has established a list of establishments that may be open every Sunday. The penalty for breaking the trading ban on Sunday is PLN 1,000 to PLN 100,000. A fine of Polish zlotys, and in case of continued violation of the law – a penalty of restriction of freedom.

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Shops and establishments are open on non-business Sundays

Stores and establishments open on non-business Sundays include:
– Shops (only when the seller is the owner or unpaid labor – members of his immediate family)
– gas stations
– Shops and facilities in stations
– Flower shops
– Pharmacies
– Bakeries and sweets
– Restaurants, cafes and bars

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2023. Sunday shopping calendar

Sunday shopping calendar in 2023. Graphics: PTWP

Shopping Sundays 2023 in October


Shopping Sundays 2023 in November


Trading Sundays 2023 December

Trading Sunday, December 17, 2023

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