Novak Djokovic is the 2023 US Open champion. He didn’t give his rival a chance

Sunday match on the famous tennis court. Arthur Ashe was a rematch of the 2021 final of the same event. Then the Russian surprised favorite Nole, preventing him from winning the historic classic tournament.

Throughout the tournament, both finalists maintained that they were not in the title match by accident. Djoko lost just two sets in an unexpectedly close encounter with another Serb, Laslo Dijri.

Medvedev, on the other hand, was in perfect form in New York, which perhaps surprised even his greatest enthusiasts. Especially in the four-set semi-final win over Carlos Alcaraz, the tournament’s top seed, he made it clear that on that day he could build on the great success he had achieved two years ago.

Great exchange in the match between Djokovic and Medvedev in the US Open final

The first set went according to Djokovic’s plan

From the beginning, the Belgrade champion had a better and more effective idea for the match. Djokovic won the most important exchanges, the ones where the bet turned out to be decisive. He won the first game on his own, and after a long time he broke the Russian’s serve, again won his serve and had a confident and comfortable 3-0 lead.

So it was easier for him to control this part of the match. He no longer needed to use break points – all the quality of tennis was enough with his serve. This eventually led to them winning the set 6-3.


Djokovic won the first set against Medvedev in the US Open final

He stood up, but it wasn’t enough

After the break, Daniel recovered from the bad moment and began to set the pace for the very even competition. Both men had a very exciting match, which had to go to a tiebreaker in the second set. There, Novak’s sporting quality was already revealed, as he won the last two balls and found himself in a very comfortable position ahead of the rest of the competition.


Djokovic won the second set in the US Open final. It was a tiebreaker

After the tiebreak, Medvedev requested a medical break. He had problems with his left shoulder but returned to competition.


Medvedev needed a medical break in the US Open final

He did not let the opportunity slip from his hands

The start of the next match was smooth, but in the third match things got tense. The Russian lost his balance, his leg bent and he fell to the ground. Djokovic approached him and wanted to help him get up, but his opponent only showed with his thumb that everything was fine and got up on his own. This just shows that this match cost the tennis players a lot of health, but no one was willing to give up.


Medvedev fell to the ground. Djokovic immediately rushed to help

However, Djokovic was in better form. He broke for 3-1, and although Medvedev after a while led to a re-break, the Serb broke again a moment later. From 4:2 onwards, his advantage was indisputable.

-And he knows it’s already his. He just needs to trim the ends,” Karol Stopa, commentating on the match for Eurosport, said. Noll took advantage of the opportunity he had and won 6-3, hitting a decisive strike with the first ball of the match.

In doing so, the Serbian won his 24th Grand Slam title and broke his own record. Among active tennis players, Rafael Nadal could theoretically pose a threat (22 victories), but the Spaniard has recently had major health problems and has not participated in the US Open.


Novak Djokovic won the US Open in 2023. He beat Medvedev in the final

Djokovic waited five years to win again in New York. This was also his 96th career tournament win.

Daniil Medvedev – Novak Djokovic 3-6, 6-7 (5-7), 3-6


Great joy for Djokovic after winning the 2023 US Open final

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