June 8, 2023


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Not just Rybakina… Iga Świątek’s problems are called Jelena!

Who else is Jelena, who is a great danger to Iga Świątek? This is the 22nd racket of the world at the moment Yelena Ostapenko. An interesting tennis player, she rose to fame recently when government funding was cut off in her home country due to her competing in events with representatives from Russia and Belarus. Of course the tennis player can handle this arrangement, it was a somewhat symbolic gesture, but it indicated some turmoil that could affect the 2017 French Open champion for various reasons, as well as some other athletes from this country.

Ostapenko acts honestly and according to his conscience, although he is in a difficult situation. Her father (died in 2020) Evgeny was playing at Metallurg Zaporozhye, where her grandmother still lives. Her mother is the Russian tennis coach Yelena Yakovleva, anchored in Riga.