January 27, 2023


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Nicolas Gerbi brings fans to the ground.  There is a "finger problem": it's bad

Nicolas Gerbi brings fans to the ground. There is a “finger problem”: it’s bad

The three matches held during the monument to Hubert Jerzy Wagner would have given Nikola Grybic valuable feedback, as Polish volleyball players faced off against three teams ranked among the best in the world. The person representing Serbia also brought additional feelings to the coach. The group of victories and the 9-0 balance in the groups after the duels with the Iranians, the Argentines and the Balkan national team can be impressive. But those who think that the game of white and red a few days before the start of the world championship is already perfect are wrong. And the coach is one of the people talking loudly about it.

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“I have many chances that we missed in this match.”

Taking a course packed with several staffers without losing a set might be optimistic, but Grbić makes sure it doesn’t get rushed.

This tournament was a good test for us to understand what we have to work on. I received good comments on everyone who came down to earth. Even if they only participate in one submission, which is not easy. This test was good in many ways, but consequences Here they were at the lower end – he indicated in an interview with reporters.

The Serbian has only been with the Polish side since this season, although he had the chance to meet several players earlier thanks to his work at Grupa Azoty Zaksie Kędzierzyn-Koźle (2019-21). He often made these comments in recent days and it can be assumed that the three-day tournament in Krakow will also allow him to learn something new. Was that really the case?

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– No, I have not learned anything I did not know before. Instead, I got confirmation. This is true for many things. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a valuable performance. The more data we have, the better we can understand how the opponent plays against us and in which elements we have problems. Thanks Game Everything is more tangible with strong opponents – the coach convinces.

Both in the Friday match against Argentina and the next day with Serbian White and red usually had to make up for losses. In the case of a duel with the Balkan team, this quest was fulfilled in each of the three matches.

We played badly on the counterattack. It turned out poorly in the statistics. We need to work on this in the coming days. I want to see why this is because I have many missed opportunities in this match. We started all three groups with great defenses, but we lost all of them – Grbi points out.

A match like no other

He also adds that his earlier players had already improved in other elements that were their pain. This is about defense and obstruction. In these respects, in The League of Nations The Poles’ game was still weak, and they made notable progress during the anniversary.

– We analyzed these on the video and it turned out that the problem was not setup, but technical issues. We’ve worked on it and it has had an impact. It is not enough to understand what the problem is, but to work on it. I can see progress, but the job isn’t done yet, we’re not perfect. We are working on it incrementally, and the work is still ongoing. The urgent issue now is a counterattack – confirms the coach of the world champions.

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It was known that the duel with Serbia, which ended with the Wagner memorial, would be something special for him. He played for the first time against his country, which he himself led until 2019. He behaved as he always did during the match – most of the time he was very focused and serious, and only from time to time had a smile on his face. However, this was not just another meeting among the many for him.

– There were guys I still played with. Not only did I train, I played with them. I have been working with this team recently. So it cannot be compared to any other match. I admit, at first I felt emotionally overwhelmed, but when I started the match I turned on a different way of thinking and focused on what was happening on the pitch – he remembers it.

The Poles passed the Serb chase test and eventually put up a wall

On Sunday, the Polish national team gets a short break to rest, after which they meet in Katowice, where they will compete in the World Cup group stage. However, before their opening performance on Friday, they will play the Argentines on Tuesday. Grbić is sure it will be a different game than the one played on Friday as part of the Wagner Memorial.

– There will be different teams on both sides of the grid. In Krakow, all the coaches made changes and tried different things. So there is no danger that it will be the same match – assures the coach.

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