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Andrei Duda: Russian aggression alone. I don’t know if Putin hopes for such success

News of the meeting was reported by Reuters, citing the Belarusian News Agency. The leaders of Russia and Belarus held talks on Friday, March 11th in Moscow.

Meeting between Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko

Putin and Lukashenka discussed cooperation between their countries in the near future. In the framework of this cooperation, he said, Moscow will supply Minsk with “the latest military equipment.” Reuters. Moreover, the Belt Declaration shows that the leaders agreed to support each other in the face of Westerners Penalties imposed on Russia and Belarus in connection with the invasion of Ukraine. It concerns energy prices, among other things, but the Belarusian agency did not provide details.

Belarus. Lukashenka to the Ministry of National Defense: We must secure the rear of the Russian army

CNN It adds another aspect to cooperation. In exchange for military equipment, Belarus will increase the supply, among other things, of modern agricultural equipment, but also other engineering products. The delegations of the two countries, who will meet in Moscow on Monday, will determine the details.

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The war in Ukraine. Sanctions have already hurt Russia

This kind of trade-off may show how the Kremlin is trying to mitigate the impact of Western sanctions at least a little by looking for an option to provide the ally with the necessary equipment. Among the restrictions on Russia there are serious restrictions on the sale of new, American and other technologies to Russia. For example, the European Union has imposed restrictions on marine equipment and technology. Japan Banning the export of equipment used in the refining industry. And this is not the end, the next sanctions are coming soon.

Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European CommissionUrsula von der Leyen announces new EU sanctions against Russia. “Ukraine will win”

In connection with the invasion of Ukraine, individual companies also withdraw technological support for their existing partners in Russia – this was announced, for example, by the largest aircraft manufacturers, Boeing and Airbus, who will not supply spare parts to Russian airlines (and if this is not enough, China won’t, either.) Alstom and Siemens, cooperating in the production of trains in Russia, stopped cooperating with it.

“The consequences of Western sanctions, including those directly imposed by multinational companies, are crippling other sectors of the domestic economy. This shows how closely Russia is connected with the world. Production of the Lada was stopped a few days ago due to a lack of necessary imported parts. They return to The original car design, based on Russian components (in the current version, the body is produced only in the country.) Even agriculture and the food industry – sectors covered by a large-scale import substitution program in the past eight years – are still heavily dependent on foreign supplies. On the supply of seed potatoes from Europe, gardening – on cuttings and imported seeds ”- I wrote a few days ago In her analysis Iwona Wiśniewska From the Center for Oriental Studies. We recommend this report and others published by OSW, published daily.

Camille Galev, journalist and researcher associated with the independent US think tank Wilson, also wrote in a very interesting way on Twitter (in English) about the dependence of the Russian economy on the import of Western technologies. “Russia is so closely integrated with Western technology chains that cutting these ties will lead to their collapse. Sanctions are already effective and may be even more effective” – ​​said the analyst.

Russia’s war against Ukraine continues. Information was received about homes destroyed, injured and dead. The needs are increasing hour by hour. That is why joins its efforts with the Polish Center for International Assistance (PCPM) Foundation to support humanitarian aid for Ukrainians and Ukrainians. Anyone can join the fundraising campaign by making a deposit through Facebook or pages More information in the article:

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