Netflix, Disney + and HBO Max in October 2022. What's worth watching?

The new month will bring a number of interesting products to customers of SVOD platforms. Viewers can count on Polish stories and Hollywood game adaptations as well as exciting animations. What’s worth watching in October on Netflix, Disney+, and HBO Max? Check out our suggestions.

Netflix in October – Featured Productions

Great Water (05.10)

For a good start this month, Netflix will present a story inspired by true events – when a massive flood in 1997 hit Wroclaw, scientists and local authorities were forced to make a number of unimaginably difficult decisions to save the city.

Cabinet of Curiosity Guillermo del Toro (25.10)

Guillermo del Toro is back on the Netflix platform. This time around, the two-Oscar-winning screenwriter and director will present a collection of terrifying stories that are supposed to make many people feel like a creep.

Good Guardian (10/26)

Netflix is ​​facing the serial killer’s story once again. However, the story is supposed to be less intimidating now, because “The Good Keeper” will feature the killer in white gloves.

HBO Max in October – Featured Productions

The Walking Dead XI A (1.10)

At the beginning of the month, HBO Max will present viewers with the first part of the eleventh season about a group of survivors who fight for survival in a world infested with zombies. The Walking Dead will once again show that the greatest monsters are not just monsters.

DC Super-Pets League (2.10)

Super Pet is still in theaters, but Krypto and Superman just landed on HBO Max. Viewers will see the latest animation in which super pets come to the fore as they save the world.

Anonymous (10/16)

Nathan Drake going on another trip? Before we get a preview of the next game from Naughty Dog, we can check out Sony’s new production – the movie starring Tom Holland is finally going to SVOD.

Disney + in October – Featured Productions

Bear (5.10)

The main character in “The Bear” is Carmen “Carme” Berzato (Jeremy Allen White), a young chef from the world of gourmet restaurants who, after the agonizing departure of a family member, returns to Chicago to run a family restaurant. .

Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi (16/10)

In October, the Star Wars universe will be expanded with six animations that will show the fate of the next Jedi. This is the latest offering from the creators of “Clone Wars”.

Barbarians (10/26)

One of the scariest horror movies of recent years? The film was appreciated by critics, and now Disney + customers will be able to read the story. Co-produced by Georgina Campbell, Bill Skarsgard, and Justin Long, among others.

What products are we waiting for?

miss you: It’s been a long time since we’ve had such a rich month. Netflix will suggest a promising “Good Guardian” movie (the company has been dealing well with serial killers lately), another Guillermo Del Toro production, and even another Polish story — “Big Water” is basically one of the two Polish October newscasts on Netflix. On HBO Max, I’ll definitely watch “DC Super-Pets League” and “Uncharted” – I’m especially looking forward to this second movie, because I love this universe and would be happy to see Tom Holland perform as Nathan Drake. It’s also hard for me to complain about the Disney+ show, because “Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi” looks so good in the trailers, and I want to see “The Barbarians” from the first trailer premiere. We will not be bored.

Most awaited: “Uncharted”

What are you waiting for in August the most?

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