NASA discovered oxygen.  Scientists found it in our solar system – o2

Due to its size and chemical composition, Venus is often called “Earth’s sister.” Some scientists believe that at the right altitude, above toxic clouds, conditions are suitable for humans. However, this cannot be proven because probes cannot be sent to the planet.

New data from NASA’s telescope indicates the presence of oxygen on Venus. The scientists revealed their discovery in the journal Nature Communications.

Oxygen is found about 100 kilometers above the level of Venus’ atmosphere. It is produced on the dayside of Venus by the decomposition of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. Later, he could also be transported to the dark side of the planet.

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However, the oxygen detected on Venus is not the oxygen we breathe on Earth. Atomic oxygen was discovered on the infernal planet, that is, individual oxygen atoms that do not remain in the atmosphere because they react and bond with atoms of other elements. On Earth, atomic oxygen is found in the upper atmosphere.

The discovery of atomic oxygen will allow scientists to better understand the atmosphere of Venus and answer many questions about the conditions there. There has been debate for years about whether Venus’ atmosphere is similar to Earth’s or whether it has always been “hellish.”

Venus is covered in thick, toxic clouds of sulfuric acid, and the pressure is about 92 times higher than on Earth.. The planet is covered in rocks and has no traces of life. There is speculation that there were oceans there in the past, but they evaporated as surface temperatures rose. Moreover, the speed of the winds blowing on Venus reaches 700 kilometers per hour

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