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, Little protagonist ““(In its original language” Kızım “), he is at a crossroads around the money he found on the street, and he can save his family from the dangerous situation in which they live.” What will the girl do in the next episode of “My Daughter”?

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Turkish soap opera “My Daughter” was subsequently screened in Spain on 28 December 2020. Ottoman fiction has become a favorite of the weekly, the tragedies, the joys and the other problems that occur in it. Its protagonists were üykü and Demir, played by Bern Gökyıldız and Buğra Gülsoy, respectively.

ÖYKÜ Will he tell the truth about money or will he use it to help his family?

For example, the little girl began selling handkerchiefs on the streets of Istanbul to help finance her family because her father was in debt and had no money to pay. However, her health was not good and she forgot how to return and everyone was very anxious to find her.

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Demir was saddened by the disappearance of his daughter, but later he was amazed to find out why he had gone missing. However, it did not stop her from panicking when she found out that her daughter’s disease was recurring. Demir tells his daughter to forget about financial problems because he is going to look for more jobs and they will move on.

A day later, the protagonist of “My Daughter” is playing volleyball in the park, and accidentally finds an envelope full of money to save her father, but she does not want to be a thief like him. The woman hides the money under the mattress and has huge cross ways in her head.

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Demir knows his daughter well and tries to talk to her knowing that something is wrong, but the girl says it is strange to her because she was nervous about the upcoming school choice. Still worried, Demir decides to talk to Sevki about whether he can tell the woman what is wrong. What she tells him raises a bad suspicion in the father because there are not many tests and he is afraid that now the little girl’s disease may return as it happened a few days ago. Üykü can no longer bear that secret and is struggling at the biggest crossroads, what will he decide? Don’t miss the next episode of “My Daughter”.

What is “my grandfather”?

“My Daughter” is the heartbreaking story of a minor, first abandoned by her mother and then by the person who was supposed to take care of her who was her mother’s friend, but while she searches she continues to dream that her father, he does not know, rejects it.

An eight-year-old girl with the strange nickname Niman-Big tries to beat her father Demi, who has no choice but to stay with her, otherwise she could go to jail after being found in a scam. Will do.

From that moment on a story full of adventures will begin and little by little the little girl will learn how to get her father’s affection, but for both of them things will become more complicated.

“My Daughter” captivates the audience (Photo: Antenna 3 / YouTube)
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