2021-09-23 12:19

2021-09-23 12:19

Moderna President: The epidemic will end within a year.  The vaccine will be available worldwide
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By mid-2022, a Covid-19 vaccine should be available to everyone in the world, and in the second half of next year, the world should return to normal, Moderna CEO Stefan Bansel told the Neue Zuercher Zeitung daily.

Given how production capacity has grown over the past six months, by mid-2022 there should be enough doses in the world to vaccinate every human – said Bancel, director of one of the companies producing the vaccines.

Moderna’s director hopes the world will return to normal within a year. In his opinion, due to the prevalence of the most contagious delta variant, everyone will soon deal with the Corona virus. Bancel said in an interview with a Swiss newspaper.

The head of American companies confirmed that sufficient quantities will also be available with booster doses of vaccines, which – in his opinion – must certainly be accepted by vaccinated people as soon as possible.

Bancel said that the company is working on a new version of a booster vaccine that will be available in 2022. The president of Moderna confirmed that the preparation is based on research into new variants of the coronavirus, and its price will remain the same this year. (PAP)

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