The help of astrophotographers is needed.  Track the comet's tail to protect Earth

A non-Earth-threatening comet approach could provide valuable data for future assessments Threats from the sun. More specifically, it is about better understanding the solar wind and its effect on the Earth's atmosphere. This data is even more valuable now that the Sun is currently approaching maximum activity.

Sarah Watson wants to seize the opportunity, so she turns to… All astrophotographersTo observe the comet. C/2021 S3 PANSTARRS's closest approach to Earth is scheduled to occur on March 14, when it will be within 200 million kilometers of our planet.

The possibility that the comet might lose its tail is what interests Watson the most. But to capture this, it needs images that show how much the nucleus has separated in the tail. The most important information is when and where the photo was taken.

Several images of a comet at a given time will allow you to trace its path from the moment it approaches the Sun to the moment it approaches the Earth. This will allow us to form an image of the comet and track its changes and the influence of the solar wind on its shape. “It's a fantastic opportunity for amateur astronomers to launch their telescopes, capture a truly amazing cosmic moment, and make a major contribution to some important science.” – says Watson.

The comet's tail is a stream of gases and dust emitted from the comet under the influence of the solar wind. We distinguish between two tails due to the substances or substances emerging from the comet. Dust tail and gas tail. The gas tail always points toward the Sun, but the dust tail can be deflected at a greater angle.

Monitoring these tails and their behavior is intended to help Watson improve Space weather forecast.

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