GDDKiA begins construction of a new highway.  On the way to the so-called stronghold of the Law and Justice Party

The S74 motorway is eventually connecting the S12 road in Łódź with the S19 road near Zarzecze in the Podkarpackie Voivodship. But for now, investment is developing north of Kielce.

The General Directorate of National Roads and Highways reported this Selection of contractor for section S74 from the borders of Lodzki and Świetokrzyskie districts to Mnev. The Stecol offer was selected from China, which recently completed the construction of the western Lodz bypass (Route S14).

The proposal of Chinese road builders was the lowest – it amounted to about 1 billion PLN. It is worth noting that the mission budget was PLN 1.3 billion. This is another time when the value of bidders runs much lower than GDDKiA.

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When will the new S74 motorway open?

GDDKiA has already signed contracts for three more sections of the S74 motorway. I’m talking about fragments: the Mniów – Kielce Zachód junction, Kielce Zachód – Kielce Bocianek, as well as the Opatów ring road. The total value of these three contracts is about PLN 1.8 billion.

The works between Mniów and Kielce Bocianek intersection are scheduled to be completed in 2025. The Opatów Ring Road will be ready after a year.

Contract for the design and construction of the S74 section of the Łódź and Świętokrzyskie District Borders It must be completed within 39 months of its signature. This will happen when the Public Procurement Office controls the outcome of the tender.

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