Microsoft’s list of studios should impress Sony as well
October 18, 2023, 2:42 p.m

After merging with Activision Blizzard, Microsoft has nearly twice as many development studios as Sony. Japanese people can be jealous, but they are also respectful.

Image source: Sony Interactive Entertainment / Xbox Game Studios.


Microsoft’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard means that the latter acquires powerful gaming brands – such as Diablo, Warcraft and Call of Duty – but also a number of talented development studios. If we compare them with the teams that were previously under the wing of the Redmond giant, it turns out that there are actually 40 of them.

The number and the names behind it should make an equal – or perhaps even more – impression? – On competitive Sony. The PlayStation Studios family consists of “only” 23 teams.

Below you can check which development studios currently belong to Microsoft and Sony. Some of them can be found in the user graphic below is back Aka Gerard Crabbe. However, it is not complete – 7 teams are missing: 4 from Activision Blizzard and 3 from PlayStation Studios.

That’s why I’ve included the full list below. By clicking on the name of the specific studio, you will discover the games it has produced or is currently developing. If we do not have a specific company in our database, you will find additional information about it in parentheses next to its name.

If there was any conclusion to be drawn from this list, it would probably be this: Thanks to many years of collaboration, Sony has put many great studios on a pedestal. I mean Naughty Dog, Insomniac Games, Santa Monica Studio, Guerrilla Games, and Polyphony Digital. Microsoft has bought its strongest team currently after achieving global success.

Some fun facts also come to mind. For example: Crash Bandicoot, which was originally a Sony brand, is now owned by the giant from Redmond, while Bungie, the studio that started Microsoft’s Halo series, is now under the Sony umbrella… but you probably already know that .

List of Microsoft-owned studios should impress Sony too - Exhibit 1

Source: Reddit/GerardCrab.

Microsoft Studios

Zenimax media

  1. Bethesda Softworks
  2. Identity programs
  3. ZeniMax Studios Online
  4. Roundhouse Entertainment (Downig Human Head Studios)
  5. Alpha games for dogs
  6. Tango games
  7. Arkan Studios
  8. Machine games

Activision Blizzard

  1. Blizzard Entertainment
  2. Infinity Ward
  3. Hammer games
  4. Treyarch
  5. Raven programs
  6. Bob’s toys
  7. High Moon Studios
  8. Radical entertainment
  9. Pinox
  10. DemonWare (support in working on network modes and creating technologies)
  11. king
  12. Legendary digital entertainment
  13. Solid State Studios (m. Call of Duty War Zone Mobile)
  14. Activision Shanghai Studio (Call of Duty series support)
  15. Albany Blizzard (formerly Vicarious Visions)
  16. Proletariat

Xbox game studios

  1. 343 industries
  2. Double Fine Productions
  3. Obsidian Entertainment
  4. Convert 10 studios
  5. inXile Entertainment
  6. The initiative
  7. Undead laboratories
  8. Edge of the world
  9. Alliance
  10. Force games
  11. Ninja theory
  12. Playground games
  13. rare
  14. Mojang Studios

PlayStation Studios

  1. Naughty dog
  2. Santa Monica Studios (most of the God of War series)
  3. Sucker Punch Productions
  4. Bend studio
  5. Insomniac games
  6. San Diego studio
  7. Blue Point Games
  8. Firewalk Studios
  9. Valkyrie Entertainment
  10. Haven Studios
  11. Asobi team
  12. Digital polyphony
  13. Guerrilla war games
  14. Nexus software
  15. London studio
  16. Media molecule
  17. Firesprite
  18. Savage Game Studios (founded in 2022, producing its first production – AAA game service)
  19. Homeomark
  20. Benjy
  21. San Mateo Studio (collaborates with other teams and created, among others, Rise to Honor)
  22. Studio Xdev
  23. Textile games

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