Microsoft is calling PlayStation to court.  The Japanese have to reveal important information about the development of the games

The Xbox maker wants to use confidential information from Sony to tip the scales of victory in the ongoing lawsuit centered on the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. The Americans believe that the disclosure of part of the documents will finally allow the deal to be closed and present the true state of competition in the industry.

Microsoft has filed Sony Interactive Entertainment with a subpoena, which is an interesting development in the ongoing case. The Japanese are the first company to officially oppose the deal to take charge of the creators of Call of Duty, Diablo or Overwatch. The details obtained will help build a line of defense against further actions and lawsuits by the FTC.

The company wants accurate information about the production of games that PlayStation is (for obvious reasons) reluctant to share in public. The data obtained may lead a judge to deny the FTC’s request to block the transaction:

“Negotiations are ongoing between Sony Interactive Entertainment and Microsoft regarding the scope of SIE’s production and disclosure schedule” – we can read this mention in the documentation.

Sony has until January 27 to file a limitation, waiver, or other response to the subpoena.

We can safely suspect that the order of the Redmond giant will not only help lift the veil of secrecy around the development process of PlayStation’s own products, but the data may also include documents on the acquisition of exclusive games and third-party add-ons by the Japanese manufacturer.

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