May our happiness last |  Kevin Lambert wins the Medici Prize

(Montreal) Quebec writer Kevin Lambert won the Médicis prize on Thursday for his novel, just days after winning the December en France prize. May our happiness last.

Quebec, Heliotrope and its publishing house Le Nouvel Attila in France confirmed the news on social networks Thursday morning.

This is the third time Lambert has been nominated for this award. His novels You will love what you kill And Battle of Robberwall found themselves as the final and first choice respectively.

May our happiness lastA novel dealing with the excesses and immorality of the ruling class in Montreal has been a favorite among literary prize nominations in France in recent months.

On October 31, the 31-year-old author became the youngest writer to win the December prize in France. Described as the “anti-Concorde,” the award comes with a stipend of 15,000 euros (almost $22,100 CAN).

May our happiness last He was also first choice for the prestigious Prix Concourt, but was not selected for the second choice.

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