Massive controversy in the ¦l±ska match.  Penalty kick and soccer red card

Silesia, Wroclaw They were certainly a worse team than Zagloby Lubin in the frosty Lower Silesian derby on Saturday. Despite his poor performance, he had his chances to score. One goal was disallowed by the referees. In the end, WKS was awarded a penalty, but it was saved by Jasmine Boric. The decision to refer to the “tartar” is controversial, but more doubts are raised by the red card of the “copper” player.

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Krzynowek pointed out a pattern for Santos. “It was a locker room with him.”

Controversial decision in Ekstraklasa

In the 85th minute of the meeting, Eric Exposito did not reach the rebound after his teammate’s shot was blocked by Mateusz Bartolevsky. The Spaniard immediately pointed out that the opponent illegally played with his hand.

Only after a long moment did the referee, Krzysztof Jakubiek, interrupt game, receive a message from the VAR team that this situation is under review. Run to the screen and watch the replay of the event for a long time.

Fornalik’s great Zagłębie debut in the Lower Silesia derby. Bad end of line

Replays show Bartolevsky shoving Exposito in fighting for a rebound. He beats him, puts his hand on his chest, and the ball bounces off the hand of a Zagloby player. In addition, he was the only defender who could catch up with the Spaniard and the closest goal of all players on the court.

Foreign media write about the president of the Polish Football Association.  Unfortunately. Foreign media write about the president of the Polish Football Association. Unfortunately. “Blamage, he covered himself with shame.”

Finally the referee made a decision – a penalty for Ulsk and a red card for Bartolevsky. Larger differences Raises the expulsion of a player from the visiting team. There are opinions on the Internet that this is a very harsh punishment.

Wrocaw residents did not take advantage of a great opportunity to get close to Zagłębie, or play at an advantage. Jasmine Boric saved Patrick Olsen’s shot from 11 metres, and in injury time Tomasz Pieczko finished Olsek’s goal after a fine run.

Śląsk Wrocław did not win their third consecutive league match. In the table, it ranks eleventh with 21 points. Zagłębie Lubin is two places lower and one point lower. The Lower Silesian derby was the debut of Aldemar Vornalek on the coaching bench at “Midzwewi”. This ended Lubin’s streak of five defeats Premier League.

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