May 30, 2023


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Mary Gregor considers her appointment as President of BAnQ to be non-discriminatory

Mary Gregor considers her appointment as President of BAnQ to be non-discriminatory

Although her opponents despise her for her lack of experience in the library, Ms. Grigore considers it Skills and knowledge These are the reasons she was able to get in the years following her career as a politician.

All we know about me is the Member of Parliament and the commentator. But I have worked in many big companies, I was on the board of directors, I was on the board of directors. I worked for companies like IBM, Bell, Desjardins. But I contributed as an entrepreneur to start a public relations firm called TACT Intelligence, and I started a magazine again., She says.

He returned to controversy for the first time following his appointment in a Radio-Canada report aired on Tuesday, said Mary Groguer. On the microphone All morning Understand why the library community objected to his appointment, which did not see a librarian as head of BAnQ.

Mary Gregory

However, he stressed that his role as CEO required more than library science knowledge.

Each of BAnQ’s pillars, archives, National Library and Grande Bibliothic are managed by highly specialized professionals. […] But my role is different. My job is to mobilize the 700 or more employees we have so that the whole team can work together and set common goals., She says.

There was a desire to have someone who could come from the library community. But I think I checked several boxes: Knowledge of the device [étatique], Knowledge of government mechanisms, management skills.

A quote:Mary Gregory, BAnQ’s new CEO

I think this is one of the skills that will come in handy in the next few years, She continues.

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Although she admits that it was her appointment Politics, As approved by the Council of Ministers, refuses to believe that he is a victim of discrimination.

I understood that I was a member of the Action Democratic Committee [ADQ] And the ADQ alliance merged with d’aveir Québec [CAQ]. […] But after 15 years without being part of a political party, I thought I was somewhere else.

A quote:Mary Gregory

She says Feeling She thinks the hiring process she went through was very well done, Same background and same visionShe would have been elected even if she had come from a different political organization.

However, Mary Grigore did not provide a detailed answer when asked about her education. She usually needs a master’s degree to get her status, but she only has a bachelor’s degree.

When I applied [sic], It is not a criterion. Sometimes they ask for an equal experienceShe answers.

Mrs. Very hot.

I was very excited to be able to contribute to Quebec’s major challenges through knowledge. There are big challenges, She concludes.