The war in Ukraine.  Belarus will attack Ukraine?  Zelensky's advisor replies

– The possibility that the governor of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka He decided to take part in the war “15 to 20 percent,” Oleksiy Aristovich said.

Lukashenka is a close ally President of Russia Vladimir Putin. Although Russian military forces use Belarusian territory to attack Ukraine, Belarus is not actively participating in the warDespite repeated calls from Moscow, the German news agency (dpa) notes.

Kyiv authorities say that approx 60% of Belarusian soldiers oppose Participation in a war in a neighboring country.

“But if they order it, they will cross the border.” Some of them will even fight – added Arestowicz.

US station on Tuesday CNNciting US, Belarusian and NATO sources, reported that Belarusian forces may soon join the invasion of Ukraine.

According to CNN, although the final decision on Belarus’ participation has not yet been made, NATO and the United States estimate that it is increasingly increasing. more likelyAnd that the regime in Minsk is preparing the ground for it Join the aggression.

Putin needs support – said the NATO representative, citing television. According to a source in the Belarusian opposition, the military units are ready to enter Ukraine.


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