Małgorzata Kożuchowska celebrates her thirteenth wedding anniversary with Bartek Wróblewski: "My Friend" (photo)

where Małgorzata Kożuchowska She bid farewell to the series “M jak Miłość” in which Ilona Łepkowska (apparently) was killed in revenge for a tragic collision with cardboard boxes. One of the biggest stars in the movie industry. While the Poles fell in love with her thanks to the image of the “girl next door”, the star in recent years has been trying to get more “personal” roles, thanks to which she was able to show her acting workshop. came to help her Patrick Vega

After the tapeworm is gone Gretel He stopped appearing on screen like he used to. The star still appears in films and on stage, but spends most of his time dedicating to his beloved family. Since 2010, the actress has been living in a stylish villa near Konstansen, where she moved with her husband in 2010. The value of her property 4.5 million “modest”.

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Although Małgorzata tries to protect her privacy and carefully filters the information she shares with fans about herself, the celebrity decided on Monday to celebrate a special day. August 30 is the thirteenth anniversary of her marriage to Bartik VrobloskiWith those raising a 6-year-old together Francis. On this occasion, Kouchowska shared on Instagram a charming photo from the ceremony at the Holy Cross Church in Warsaw, where the bride and groom kiss each other.


For 13 years together, through thick and thin! My love and support my friend! I love you, Bartik! – Malgosia Books.

Soon, congratulations erupted in the shadow of the fast.

I wish you another 50! beautiful couple!

Other long and happy years.


nice scene. keep it up!

Pudelek joins the wishes!

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