June 7, 2023


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The Dutch government suspends financial aid to companies

The Dutch government suspends financial aid to companies

Finance Minister Wopke Hoekstra announced on Monday that the government intends to end the most important programs introduced in 2020 to support businesses in the pandemic.

From October 1, support programs for wages (now), fixed costs (TVL), and small businesses (Tozo and TONK) will be suspended. In 2020, they cost the Dutch taxpayer 80 billion euros.

The economy is in good shape and unemployment is low. Hoekstra said continued support would hinder economic recovery.

Clubs are still closed

The government is also working on a support mechanism for nightclubs and discos that remain closed.

The Minister of Finance announced that on October 1, the possibility for entrepreneurs to apply for a tax deferment will end. 369,000 took advantage of this opportunity. Comp. A large part has already been paid off, but there are still more than 19 billion euros of tax debt with 270 thousand. business men.

Restrictions end in November

in the middle of August The Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, announcedThat from November 1, all restrictions imposed due to the threat of coronavirus will be lifted. “I would like to point out that this will only be possible if the infection continues to decrease and the number of people vaccinated increases,” Ruti said, also announcing that the 1.5-meter distance requirement would not be effective from September 20.

At the same time, from August 30, higher and vocational education will reopen. However, a maximum of 75 people will be allowed in the lecture hall, and the use of masks in the corridors will remain mandatory.

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