m like love.  The end of Patrycja and Łukasz's love in the new season?  You Won't Even Want To Talk To Marta Anymore - Trailer, Pictures

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m like love. The end of Patrycja and Łukasz’s love in the new season? You Won’t Even Want To Talk To Marta Anymore – Trailer, Pictures

Shock in the new season of “M jak miłość”! As you can see in the trailer for the new episodes, Patricia (Alżbeta Lenska) doesn’t want to talk to Marta (Dominika Ostałowska), and Łukasz (Jakub Józefowicz) isn’t by her side! Is this the end of the great love between the wife of the head of Argasiński (Karol Strasburger) and the mistress of Wojciechowski? The changes that Argasińska will experience will affect every area of ​​her life, but why should Łukasz, in love with no memory, pay such a high price for it? Will the stronger and confident Patricia in the new season of “M jak miłość” come to the conclusion that she doesn’t need anyone anymore, and definitely love? Check out what is already known and see the gallery of new episodes!

The new season of “M jak miłość”. Will Patrycja raise a child alone? You can’t see ukasz next to him

In the new episodes of “M jak miłość” the theme of the dramatic triangle will continue: Łukasz-Patrycja-Argasiński. According to the final season of “Kulis”, Patrycja has become a strong and independent woman. Will Łukasz and his great love for Argasińska lose during this transformation?

Unfortunately, in the trailer for “M jak miłość” we see Patrycja alone with little Johnny, and Łukasz doesn’t appear on screen at all! What’s worse, Patricia refuses to talk to his mother and practically kicks her out of the house!

Patrycja gained more strength to fight for hers – Reveals Lenska in “Kulisach M jak miłość”. – I feel stronger, these are big changes! Relations with Marta change …

I think there is no point in continuing this conversation – Patricia will say right into Marta’s terrified eyes in the new episode “M jak miłość”.

I hope nothing changes with ukasz – Lenska adds with a grim face in “Kulisach M jak miłość”.

Unfortunately, Jakub Józefowicz did not appear in the video material, which heralds the new season of “M jak miłość”. Does that mean the end of the great love that Łukasz will sacrifice so that Patricia can be happy? We’ll find out right after the holidays in 2022.

M jak miłość. Trailer for the new season. Bowie will know about Franca’s baby. The divorce of Patrija and Arjacinsky and big changes in the Chudakovsky family

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