“Love Is in the Grass” Troubled Candidate at Nuovo: New Season Postponed

The new season of “Love Lawn” which was supposed to start this Thursday has been postponed by two weeks.

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The broadcaster made the announcement in a press release at noon on Tuesday, however without elaborating on the situation and did not comment.

Last week, candidate Maxim caught the attention of internet users while releasing interested suitors. Several women have alleged that they were molested by the man who offered to woo farmer Anne-Sophie. Dozens of testimonials, sometimes scathing, were shared under the publication, which has since been removed from the show’s Facebook page.

The production later released a message that the candidate in question had been fired from the adventure.

“”Love is in the grass” always favors kindness, respect, honesty and reliability. The nature and seriousness of the actions complained of, clearly going against these values, led to this decision”, we can read in the message sent three days ago.

Catherine Levack salvages furniture

This is “Catherine est dans le pré”, which will run from the Thursday evening slot, at the Nouveau, for the next two weeks.

A farmer’s daughter, the host of “Love is in the Grass” will take her friends Marie-Soleil Dion, Marie-Line Joncas and Patrice Belanger to the farm for a few days of agricultural activities. We also get to see some former contestants on the dating show.

“Catherine is on the Lawn” in a double program on Thursdays, January 12 and 19 at 8 p.m. All episodes can be watched on Crave from Thursday.

“Love Is in the Grass” Season 11 will begin airing on Nuvo from January 26 at 8 PM.

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