League of Nations This is the "Polish" group table after the loss to Belgium the Polish national team

The Polish national team at the beginning of the competition in The League of Nations Wales was defeated 2:1, but then it was even worse: a defeat to Belgium 1:6 and a draw with the Netherlands 2:2 gave Czeslaw Mitchnowitz’s team third place in Group A4 with four points halfway out of the championship.

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In Tuesday’s game, Mitchnowitz formed a strong squad with Belgium. Robert Lewandowski is back, but there was also a debut in the form of his debut for Mateusz Vitzka’s side.

From the start of the match the driving side were the Belgians who made more action and were more active on the pitch. This allowed them to take the lead in the 16th minute, scoring from Yuri Tillmans’ cross with an eight-meter Micah Pachaya header. But in the 31st minute, the Poles had the opportunity to equalize the score Sebastian Zimaski fired above the bar. Shortly before the end of the first half Polish representation It was once again about to lead to a tie. However, Nicola Zalewski did not take advantage of Lewandowski’s cross, as he shot near the post.

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In the second half there were chances for both sides. In the 75th minute, Lewandowski scored a free kick just above the goal. After a while, Kamil Gleick had a chance, but after Matthews Kleich’s cross, a bullet flew to his head over the post. In the 83rd minute, the Belgians had the opportunity to increase the lead, but Wojciech Szczczny showed a superb tackle.

At the end of the match, Karol Świderski also had great chances to score Jacob KeiyurBut they did not take advantage of it. Ambition fight The Poles had no effect and the opponents were happy with a 1-0 win. In the second match of this group, the Netherlands beat Wales 3: 2 after a crazy finish.

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Such decisions meant that the Dutch remained the leaders of the “Polish” group. They have 10 points to their credit and are three points ahead of the Belgians. The Poles retained third place, and the Welsh team closed the table with one point at their expense.

Now the Poles are waiting for a break from the games. They will return to the League of Nations on September 22, when they play the Netherlands at home.

A4 League of Nations group table:

  1. Holland 10 points, goal balance 11: 6
  2. Belgium 7 points, goal score 9: 6
  3. Poland 4 points, goal score 5:10
  4. Wales 1 point, goal balance 5: 8
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