Robert Lewandowski frankly evaluated Paulo Sousa's decisions.  strong words

  • Robert Lewandowski admitted that he was completely surprised by Paulo Sousa’s decision to part with the Polish national team. Captain White and Reds initially wondered if this was correct information
  • The Bayern Munich striker is trying to look for the positives and in his opinion the shocking change three months before the crucial matches for the World Cup in Qatar could gain more motivation from the national team.
  • Our captain gave a certain advice to Cesare Koleza, which the President of the Polish Football Association should follow when choosing a new player. Lewandowski started the new year with a big hit, but Bayern lost to Borussia Moenchengladbach 1: 2
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Paulo Sousa’s decision caused many fans to panic. On Sunday, December 26, the Portuguese informed Cesare Colizza that he had received an attractive offer from Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro and wanted to terminate the contract with the Polish Football Association. Thus, the Portuguese quit his job with Al-White and the Reds three months before the crucial confrontations for promotion to the World Cup in Qatar.

– At first I was wondering if this is true? It was definitely a shock and a disappointment, especially since I had never gotten any signals before. We didn’t talk to the selector about this. It was a huge disappointment for me. I got the news when I landed in Dubai and it happened mainly on my way to the hotel. One of my friends said that such information appeared. I was wondering if it was a media rumor, but after a day everything became official – Robert Lewandowski said with great bitterness in an interview with Viaplay after Friday’s Bundesliga match against Borussia Moenchenbadbach.

Lewandowski admitted that the Portuguese coach did not contact him after he made the shocking decision and left our team.

– I was in Dubai at the time and did not feel the need to contact the coach. It was the coach who decided. How all this was resolved leaves much to be desired. This is the worst in this case – added the Bayern Munich player.

Captain Piao Zerwoncz confirms that he has been in touch with the president of the Polish Football Association, Cesare Kuleza, who consulted the most experienced representatives when choosing a new coach. However, the decisive word will be for the Polish football captain.

– We are in touch, but in the end, the boss knows which coach to choose. It’s a headache, but I’m trying to look for the positives. Perhaps this motivation gives us more confidence that we can play better football and look better as a team – added Lewandowski. – I am not an unforgettable man, but there are also no irreplaceable people. The new manager will have to make decisions quickly. We know what we’re playing for, but this is not the time and place to make big changes. The quicker a decision is made on who will take over the team, the better for us and for the coach himself. How all this is handled through the media hurts us more than anything else. However, we must look to the future and what lies ahead.

However, the 33-year-old drew attention to what the head of the Polish Football Association should be guided by when choosing a new coach.

– Given the lack of training we have left, it’s important that the coach knows the players and what he’s doing, but doesn’t change too much. Now play-off matches are the most important, they should be a priority. There is always uncertainty at first, but there is no time now for rearranging and deliberation. We must pick up shared ideas and plans with the new coach – added Lewandowski.

In their first league points match of 2022, the Bavarians lost to Borussia Moenchengladbach 1:2 on Friday evening. Looking at the perspective of the situation in the Bundesliga table, this result is quite a surprise, but when we delve into the recruitment problems of the German champions due to the coronavirus pandemic, we already have a very different picture. The coronavirus has devastated Julian Nagelsmann’s team so much that in recent days Bayern players have been training even with… an eight-person team.

– It was difficult to prepare for this match. Basically half of the team was pulled off Thursday off, and in fact, we were seven or eight of us in training at one time. It was a strange week, we tried to focus on this match and prepare for it as optimally as possible. I met some guys for the first time on Thursday. And Lewandowski noted that despite the hiring issues, we can win this match.

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