Karine St-Michel discusses her breakup in an emotional speech

Karine St-Michel doesn’t seem to have it easy lately…

A man who had been in love with a young man for six months had a very difficult breakup.

He wanted to believe in complete transparency on his social networks by sharing a touching text full of emotions:

“As a teenager, I experienced severe heart pain at the age of 28. 6 months to “situation”. To hurt so much that the pain becomes physical. Make love until the person feels like they’ve slipped under your skin. Loving someone like that is a dream. Loving every little part of him, loving everything about him. When we say love is like finding your little puzzle, that’s the feeling. He made me live maximum Incredible and Lows Feelings I never thought I would experience again in my life. I’m ashamed to go through this for someone who doesn’t love me. In Nicaragua, in January, I wrote down on a piece of paper what I wanted to experience in 2023. I wrote: “To love and laugh more”. It made me laugh until my stomach hurt, but made me cry even more. He didn’t love me, I loved. He broke me. He didn’t love me, so I didn’t love myself. I hate the person he was with. I’m not cured, but I’m learning to love myself again with his new scar.”

It is indeed a very unfortunate situation that Karine St-Michel is going through at the moment and we send her lots of strength to get through it!

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