Kaczyński on uncertainty about the causes of climate change.  "It's totally justified" - Wprost

Jaroslav Kaczynski On Saturday 19 November, he met the electors in Katowice. In Silesia, he asked if there was an energy crisis Stick to the social contract agreed upon with the miners, which assumes the mine will be liquidated by 2049.

Kaczyński on uncertainty about the causes of climate change. “It’s totally justified.”

During his speech, the PiS chairman stated that today his party looks at climate policy a little differently.

– There is, of course, international adaptation, that is, the climate policy of the European Union. Without this policy, it is likely that not all of these agreements will be implemented. It is a response to this policy and some coercive attitudes. Kaczyński said there is a phenomenon of climate focus.

The boss is here PIS Talk about some uncertainty about the real cause of climate change.

This suspicion is fully justified. I don’t know if you have recently heard that a Nobel laureate, who is now 93 years old is very advanced, said that he is no longer in danger, he has everything, it is also a respectable age, and therefore say that all cars in the world have a climate and atmospheric effect Less at the same time than lighting a match in a large hall – said Kaczynski.

Perhaps this is a reference to the words of Ivar Giaver, a Norwegian physicist known for publishing skeptical views on human influence on climate. It is worth noting that Giaever received the Nobel Prize for his research on superconductors, not climate.

I don’t know if he’s right, maybe he’s wrong. But this should, I hope, someday be fully and clearly stated Kaczynski continued.

“I hope the answer will be clearer in 2034”

The Law and Justice party chief didn’t end his argument on climate change with that.

– If you look at 1,000 years of Polish history, based on different kinds of historical data, from documents to those that can be obtained by examining plants, for example, we know that the climate has changed. It was much warmer and colder. There was a little ice age, but when Poland was formed, for example, the climate was definitely warm – he said.

– In short, there is also this big question, and I hope it will be, for example, in 2034 [kiedy ma rozpocząć się likwidacja polskich kopalni – red.], the answer to this question would be much clearer and unambiguous than it is today. This is also very important for the perspective that I mentioned at the beginning, that is, the perspective of the coal industry – he added.

It should be noted that Kaczynski already last year He was close to an ‘award’ for ‘Climate Folly of the Year’.

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