Joe Biden spoke with the nine Bucharest heads of state, including Andrzej Duda.  Komç: Biden and Putin talk and the situation in Ukraine

The conversation between the leaders of the nine Bucharest states, including Andrej Duda, ended with Joe Biden. The head of the Office of International Policy, Jacob Komus, said the topic was Biden and Putin’s conversation on Tuesday and the situation across Ukraine. – President Andrzej Duda presented the Polish position previously agreed upon with the government, and then consulted with partners from the so-called Bucharest Nine – he said.

On Thursday evening, the presidents of nine countries spoke in Bucharest – Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Hungary – with US leader Joe Biden. After these conversations, the head of the Bureau of International Policy Jacob Komus told reporters in an interview that the topic was Joe Biden’s conversation with Vladimir Putin on Tuesday and the situation throughout Ukraine.

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– President Andrzej Duda presented the Polish position previously agreed upon with the government and then consulted with partners from the so-called Bucharest Nine. He reported that some states supported both texts, and some simply said the president could speak on their behalf. Komoc added that in addition to Duda, the presidents of Lithuania and Romania also took the floor.

What did President Andrzej Duda say? komush’s responses

– President Duda first said that the response to the Russian policy of aggression or the policy of creating threats in Ukraine should not constrain NATO, but on the contrary – continued Komush. He said Russia understands the language of alliance strengthening, “but it does not understand the language of trying to accommodate by way of gentlemen’s agreement.” – He added that this method of negotiation does not arouse special respect for the current ruling elite in Russia.

– As the President emphasized, our part of Europe expects a very clear attitude towards strengthening, and not weakening (NATO – ed.) – said the head of the BPM. He added that the Polish president indicated that “NATO must remain the defender of the democratic Western world.” He also stated that the topic of the situation at the Polish-Belarus border did not appear in the conversation.

Komouchi Behind the Scenes of Allies’ Conversation with Biden: We Wanted Some Clear Reassurance

Komuch also shared details of what Biden was talking about. He reported that the US president “reported his conversation with Vladimir Putin very clearly, stressing that there were no concessions in this conversation, but simply told Putin that in the event of aggression against Ukraine, which does not act aggressively towards Russia, there will be a very harsh reaction.” It is up to NATO countries and Putin to take this reaction into account.”

– He was received very favorably by the other participants in the conversation. However, we wanted some clear assurances, or rather expressed our position that NATO consists of 30 countries, and that we are not in favor of talking to Russia through a select group of NATO countries, because that is exactly what Russia would like so badly – the division of the alliance – said.

White House: Biden wants to reaffirm US commitment to transatlantic security

earlier that day Notify the White HouseThat President Joe Biden will discuss with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky the concentration of Russian forces on Ukraine’s borders, and then organize a conference call for the Bucharest Nine Leaders, a group of US allies from NATO’s eastern flank.

It was reported that he was going to tell the leaders about his conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Biden also wants to “hear their view of the current security situation and affirm the United States’ commitment to transatlantic security.”

The presidents of the United States and Russia spoke on Tuesday. During the two-hour meeting via video link, Putin demanded guarantees that NATO would not extend to the east, but, as reported by the US president’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, he did not get them. US President Putin told Putin that the West would impose “economic and other strong measures” against Russia in the event of another aggression against Ukraine.

Main image source: Marek Burawski / KPRP

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