March 31, 2023


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Jarosław Kuźniar How Much Does Voice House Travel Agency Earn End of TVN Career TVN24 Why

Jarosław Kuźniar How Much Does Voice House Travel Agency Earn End of TVN Career TVN24 Why

Konyar Media Operating since 2018, and growing strongly since mid-2020, then Jaroslav Konyar He said goodbye to Onet. A podcast studio has been launched, with more than 20 series available on the Voice House platform. Some of them have marketing partners, including BNP Paribas, Wine Taste, Santander Bank Polska and ING Bank Śląski.

The agency also offers other marketing services, such as social media outreach, influencer marketing, video projects and training. His accomplishments include projects for Warta, UPC Polska, Lancerto, Cisowianka Perlage, Sage, Goong, and Nespresso.

Kuźniar Mediaw’s sales revenue last year increased from PLN 1.82 to PLN 3.45 million. Operating costs have also increased by 89 percent – From 1.68 to 3.17 million PLN. Spending on foreign services increased from PLN 1.56 million to PLN 2.81 million, and on salaries – from PLN 85.5 million to PLN 304.3 million. zloty.

The company’s profitability results almost doubled: Sales profit from 144.7 thousand to 274.7 thousand PLN, and net profit – from 128.5 to 247 thousand. zloty.

The partners in the agency are Jarosław Kuźniar and Magdalena Kuźniar, and they decided last year’s net profit It is left in the company as a reserve capital.

In the charts below, the current fiscal year is 2021 and the previous year is 2020.

Covid continues to damage the mind factory

On the other hand, the results of the boutique travel agency Fabryka Rozsądku run by Jarosław Kuźniar, which operates under the goforworld brand, are still marked by restrictions on foreign tourism due to the pandemic. Last year, the company’s revenue decreased from 575.6 thousand to 428.3 thousand. zloty.

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The company managed to reduce operating costs much more difficult – from 689.9 thousand PLN to 419.8 thousand PLN. PLN, Thanks mr.Profitability improved: the result of sales increased from 114.4 thousand PLN loss up to 8.5 thousand. Earning PLN, and the net result – from 109 thousand. PLN loss reaches 17.7 thousand. win PLN

Before the epidemic, Fabrica Rozodko brought in revenue several times higher (in 2019 it increased by 1.8% to 1.62 million PLN), but it was completely negative: 2018 ended with 45.6 thousand PLN. Net loss PLN, and in 2019 – from 188.9 thousand. PLN loss.