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Through the application, you can get acquainted with information about the new products offered, the work of the platform showrooms, order VOD movies, pay bills, check whether they have been paid or expand the offer of the program. Zone Canal +, which appeared a year ago, can be used on smartphones with Android and iOS operating systems.

Internet service is available on any device.

The fact of closing the Canal + area was announced by Canal +, among others. on their websites. After closing the application, you will be able to manage your programming offer by logging in to the address:

– On May 22, we plan to disable the Strefa Canal + mobile application, which is associated with focusing on the development of Strefa Canal + in the form of a website. The site is available on any device (laptop, tablet, smartphone) and already contains all the features of the mobile application and many other useful options – explains Piotr Kaniowski, Canal + Polska spokesperson, in an interview with

The following apps will continue to be available in stores with software for mobile devices: Canal + (Canal + online), a streaming service offering TV and video channels on demand, and Canal + Premieres. You can rent the latest movies on Pay Per Item (TVOD) through this app.

A year ago, Canal + liquidated the live streaming service nc + Go, which is available on computers, smartphones and tablets. Its application was offered to subscribers of the platform’s satellite so that they could use most of the channels from viewing them on additional devices or away from home. Currently, subscribers can use Canal + online for free. They can access VOD channels and content according to their packages.

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