Jacek Shmyelnik.  The actor from “Fapunk” died a tragic death

  • Jacek Chmielnik was born on January 31, 1957 in ód, where he graduated from theater school
  • In 1981, Jacek Chmielnik played in the film “Vabank” by Juliusz Machulski, and the role of Moks became his most famous actress.
  • The actor preferred to play in theaters, and also took up writing his own plays
  • In 2007, Jacek Chmielnik died in tragic circumstances at his summer home in the Lublin . region
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There are times in life when a person seriously considers that there is a bigger plan behind the events that have occurred. In 2007, all of Poland asked themselves this question when the news of Jacek Chmelnik’s death reached the media. The actor, who delighted viewers with his performance in films such as “Vabank” or “Kingsajz”, died suddenly in very tragic circumstances.

He was talented, ambitious and distinguished, but above all a professional actor, he remembered the Poles for many major film roles, although he always felt that he was the best on stage. Jacek Chmielnik was not a frequent visitor of the “Salons”, nor did he appear in rumor reports. He was focused on the work that gave him so much satisfaction. His death shocked everyone and left a void.

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Jacek Shmyelnik. An agent of flesh and blood

Jacek Chmielnik was born on January 31, 1957 in ód. In his case, the place of his birth had a significant impact on his future career. The city, steeped in textile traditions on the one hand, and the cradle of Polish cinema culture on the other, attracted young Jacek towards acting.. Chmielnik graduated in 1975 from the Higher State School of Film, Television and Theater. Leon Schiller in Lodz and immediately directed his steps towards the theatrical stage. The aspiring actor was hired by the Ateneum Theater in Warsaw. In subsequent years, he also performed at theater institutions in other cities, incl. In Bialystok, Pozna, Krakow, Chorzow, Kielce, Gliwice and Wroclaw.

Theater and theater were an element of Jacek Chmielnik. At work, he was very focused on his task, which he took very seriously. Poland met Jacek Chmielnik only in 1974, when he appeared in an episode of the series “Ile jest życia”. However, when he made his debut in 1981 as a petty criminal under the pseudonym Moks in Juliusz Machulski’s “Vabank”She won the public’s sympathy immediately. A light loser, but also a kind and honest criminal who accompanied the cashier Quinto, became Jacek Chmielnik’s trademark for the rest of his life.

Jacek Shmielnik. Escape from the movie

Of course, the actor appeared in the sequel to the blockbuster “Vabank II, or riposte”, and later played Olgierd Jedlina in the song “Kingsajz”.. The actor became a real star that caused only pleasant associations in the audience. Despite this, Jacek Chmielnik did not feel comfortable in front of the camera. He definitely preferred theater paintings. True, it was there that, among other things, in the film “Nad Niemnem” or “The Adventures of the Merry Devil”, he did not see his future in the cinema.

Photo: Marek Olatowski / mwmedia / MW Media

Jacek Shmielnik

He said in an interview with Dziennik Zachodni:

It can be assumed that the last serious role he played in Polish cinema was the character Władysław Orkan in the film “Colors of Love”. Anyway, this photo for the first time – and also for the last time – contributed to the actor’s appearance in gossip reports. Jacek Chmielnik was a partner in the Magdalena Wójcik group. The shooting took place away from the conglomerates and suggested that the actors have a romance. In fact, it was supposed to be a one-sided great feeling – Magdalena Wojcick, who was 19 at the time – would have admired a fellow much older than her. In one of his later interviews, Jacek Chmielnik mentioned her in the following words:

“Three months in the beautiful mountains, away from home, a sexy girl in the erotic scenes, and there were so many of them, she worked hard to work like she didn’t act. This is a serious test for every man. But I can pass such tests“- He said.

Jacek Chmielnik was married to Wanda, with whom he had a daughter, Julia, and a son, Igor.

Jacek Shmielnik. The tragic death of the actor

Actor Jacek Chmielnik’s career decisions made him feel good. In addition to playing on stage, he began writing his own plays as well as directing. Despite that, there were moments when he had to make decisions mainly related to wanting to fix the family budget. Jacek Chmielnik appeared in a television series, and also accepted television orders – he led, among other things, the game show “We love the Polish series”.

Photo: press material


In one of the conversations – more precisely, during a virtual meeting with viewers in the Pozna editorial office in Nasz Miasto – the question was heard whether he had used his talent to the fullest. The representative replied:

Jacek Chmielnik’s career has developed at its own pace. No one expected a single fatal case to be the cause of the tragedy. In August 2007, the actor and his family went to his summer house in Suchawa in the Lublin region. On August 22, at night, there was a problem with a broken aquarium.

The actor went downstairs. He was barefoot and ignored the water on the floor. Unfortunately, at the same time, the electrical installation was faulty. When Jacek Chmielnik touched one of the cables, electricity passed through his body. The actor died instantly. His body was only discovered in the morning by his 26-year-old daughter. The tangle of tragic events was later described by Janusz Vojtovic, Lublin police spokesman:

Jacek Chmielnik was about 54 years old. His death shocked the entire acting community, leaving viewers in grief.

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