January 27, 2023


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"The World According to Bonditch" will return... as an animated series!

“The World According to Bonditch” will return… as an animated series!

This news is as crazy as the show it’s about. Sony Pictures Television is preparing for the continuation of the popular comedy “World as the Bundes”. However, it will not be an analog series, but an animated series!

The Boty family will be back!

According to Deadline Gateway, Sony Pictures Television has been working with the program for more than a year. During this time, they managed to convince all four actors to return. The animated members of the Bundych family have been voiced by: Katey Sagal, Ed O’Neill, Christina Applegate and David Faustino.

It is also known who will be the new presenter. The role was played by Alex Carter, screenwriter and co-producer of another animated film called “The Head of the Family”.

But at the moment, it is not known which station (or platform) will broadcast the animated film “Married .. With Children”. FOX seems to be a normal home.

About the series “The World According to the Bundes”

“Świat by Bundych” is the longest running comedy series in Fox TV history. The show, which ran in 1987-1997, revolved around the title of a dysfunctional family, which included: frustrated shoe salesman Al, his lazy and unemployed wife Peggy, his intelligent, sex-obsessed son, and his lush social life and excitement. Kelly’s daughter.

The animated series is not the first attempt by Sony Pictures Television to update the title. In 2014, after it was announced that “Full House” would have a sequel, the studio was planning a new live-action series. Bud was supposed to be an absolute man going back to his old trash. Meanwhile, in Las Vegas, Al and Peggy spend the money they won in the lottery left and right.

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The project was called “Bud” and was never realized because the son of one of the original authors objected.

Two years ago, Michał Walkiewicz made the best TV series that (probably) deserve a rerun. He just mentioned “the world according to the bunds” among them. Anyway, see for yourself.