“It’s over, Netflix, for me”: Policy against account sharing prompts customers to unsubscribe

The frustration came to a head yesterday when Netflix’s new policy came into effect, banning the sharing of passwords across multiple addresses.

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“It pisses me off! It’s been years and it doesn’t matter if we share our account with family, it’s going to keep me out of my house…” said Laurie Wilmot, a nursing student.

Just yesterday, Netflix implemented its new policy.

An online content platform has decided to restrict access to its site to residents of the same address.

Family members or friends can no longer freely share platform subscription fees, as many of them did.

According to the Academy of Digital Transformation at Laval University, half of Quebecers are subscribers to the US site.

The straw that broke the camel’s back

Although she said she was frustrated by the change, Ms.me Wilmot “A Agreement» With his family: His mom pays more for everyone to have access to a Netflix account.

But this is not what many Quebecers encounter Newspaper. For them, value for money is no longer so attractive, and the end of the digital juggernaut is a bit of straw.

“I sometimes loaned the subscription to my cash-strapped nephew to see the snowmen, but I can’t do that anymore,” laments Sebastien Baffert, a resident of LaSalle Borough.

“I said to myself: ‘No, I’m done with Netflix,'” slices the unsubscribed man.

Circulation techniques

“It’s not worth paying for a year if you don’t watch it every night,” said Binta D, a student.

The future optician shared his account with his cousin. For now, he won’t pay the extra $8 to keep Netflix access.

His strategy: Subscribe for a month and then unsubscribe or find his favorite series and movies on other sites or platforms.

Philip V. According to him, you can easily find Netflix content elsewhere.

He shares his account with his brother and is going to try to keep it up using a plan. If it’s too complicated, they’ll unsubscribe and stay loyal to competing sites without much worry.

When Netflix entered the Canadian market in 2010, you could subscribe for $7.99 per month, with no restrictions on the number of users, devices or addresses.

As the popularity of the site grew, so did the fees.

It now costs between $17 and $35 to have a family at two or three different addresses on the same account.

With 230 million subscribers worldwide, Netflix generated CA$42.5 billion in revenue last year. Its profits reached CA$6 billion.

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At the time of writing, the Consumer Protection Bureau has not received any complaints regarding this notice.

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