December 7, 2022


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It ended in the first round.  Pole surrendered in the UFC

It ended in the first round. Pole surrendered in the UFC

Brendan Allen (20-5) became the second player to deliver Krzysztof Jotka (24-6) in MMA. The American ended his duel with the Pole at the end of the first edition of the showdown during the UFC Gala in Las Vegas.

Waldemar Osowski

Brendan Allen Krzysztof Jotka surrendered at the UFC in Las Vegas

Twitter / Brendan Allen Krzysztof Jotka surrenders at UFC in Las Vegas

Initially, the duel was conducted according to Jotka, who managed to knock out his opponent and take control of him on the ground floor. However, Allen managed to defeat the opponent from Orneta, and then the fight returned to a standing position.

The 26-year-old from Milwaukee used his wrestling skills and drove “Gotka” to the ground floor. There he managed to get behind the pole’s back and hook the narrow throttle from behind, which Gutko had to squeeze.

Brendan Allen claimed his third consecutive Ultimate Fighting Championship win. The victory over the Polish rival is one of the most important scalps of his career. The All-In can count on being promoted to the top of the average ’15’ category.

Allen broke a streak of two straight wins by Krzysztof Jotka. The top U.S. team representative is the tallest fighting pole in the U.S. organization.

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