April 1, 2023


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Israeli “racism” | Genica Advin’s visit to the Liberal Party was criticized by the Conservatives

(Ottawa) Conservatives are vulnerable to Genica Advin leaving the Green Party to join the Liberals. The opposition is using the change of faith as a political weapon against Justin Trudeau, who has been accused of being hailed as “another anti-Israel ally” in its ranks. The main interested party does not regret anything and the Hebrew government adheres to “racism”.

Melanie Marquis

Melanie Marquis

New Brunswick MP The day after the announcement of the move from the Green Party to the Liberal Party, the Conservative Party launched an attack during question time in the General Assembly.

“I am disappointed and concerned that a member of the Fredericton has joined the Liberal Caucasus, giving the inflammatory, one-sided and divisive rhetoric he used during the recent conflict between Israel and the terrorist group Hamas,” the Ontario MP said. Peter Kent blunted.

He was quoted from a tweet by former Liberal MP, Michael Levitt, now with friends at the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies.

Foreign Minister Mark Carnegie responded that the liberal stance on the “racist label” had not moved an ottoman: the government flatly rejects it “because it is not part of the approach”. [canadienne] Towards Israel or the Jewish community ”.

The Conservative Party added many more in a press release issued shortly after the meeting. “MMe Edwin will be well-surrounded in the Liberal Party caucus, ”said MP Marty Morands. Liberals Omar Alcabra, Faykal El-Curry and Samir Zubari are cited as examples of elected officials who are said to be animated by anti-Israel sentiment.

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Jewish organizations, including the Advisory Center for Jewish-Israel Relations, criticized the recruitment, saying it was “confusing”.

A deviation due to internal conflict

In the October 2019 ballot the new Brunswicker Green Party saw unprecedented progress, with the current Liberal MP.

He knocked on the door on Thursday after seeing himself embroiled in an infighting surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In May, he criticized his party’s reaction in a tweet that read, “End racism!” “.

Chief Annami Paul’s right-hand man was then accused of being anti-Semitic.

Photo by Justin Dong, archiving the Canadian Press

Annami Paul

This strategist, Nova Judgeman, is isolated by the only two MPs representing the Greens in Ottawa, Paul Manley and Elizabeth May. His “attack”, they wrote on Thursday, “created the conditions that led to this crisis.”

In an interview with Press, Friday afternoon, confirms Genica Advin.

“The issue with Mr. Jodgeman is completely behind my decision,” he says.

If the head of the training had reprimanded his adviser Salvo, he would have stayed in the Green Camp, the MP said. “During this whole conflict, she never called me. It was hard to continue in this environment,” says the former teacher before jumping into politics.

In the Green Party, behind the scenes, we whisper to reporters that Genica Advin has approached the Liberals, even before the war broke out within the party.

The main interested party refuses. “It was a friend in the Liberal Union who approached me two days after the attack on Noah Jatzman,” he says. The key player in this draft came from Minister Dominique Leplank, his comrade from New Brunswick.

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Israeli “racism”

But she comes from a team that is basically identical in position on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“I know. I am fully aware of this. I understand that the vocabulary I use is difficult for some to digest, [mais] I think we need to teach people what racism is and what it does to communities that have to endure an oppressive state, ”explains the New Liberal.

“I knew I was going somewhere […] Caucus members share this position, “he argues.

Before making his final decision, last Wednesday evening he contacted Liberal MPs, including Toronto’s elected official Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, who spoke openly and said he would not hesitate to vote against government bills.

However, he did not mention his neighbor on the Commons bench, the former minister couple Wilson-Raybold, with whom he grew an accomplice. “I think this is going to be a very interesting conversation,” laughs Genica Advin.