Prince Andrew has demanded that the allegations of sexual harassment against him be rejected

Prince Andrew of Great Britain on Friday asked a U.S. judge to dismiss a complaint, according to a court document consulted by the AFP.

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In one of them, a lawyer for the Duke of York, filed in Manhattan, accused Virginia Cufre of suing the prince “to get more money” from the charges against sulfur financier Jeffrey Epstein, who died in 2019.

“Most people would not even dream of getting the money that Kaufrey has earned over the years,” Friedler wrote.

“This is an impetus for Kiefrey, so he is pursuing less serious lawsuits against individuals like Prince Andrew, whose tarnished reputation is only the latest co-damage of the Epstein scandal,” he said.

Virginia Gufrey, 38, who publicly indicted Queen Elizabeth’s second son, filed a lawsuit in federal court in Manhattan in August 2021. This case is particularly embarrassing for the British royal family because Jeffrey Epstein is associated with it.

In his complaint, Virginia Cufrey accuses Prince Andrew of being “one of the most powerful men” ever handed over for sexual purposes when he was a victim from the age of 16 between 2000 and 2002. Before his death at Manhattan Prison in the summer of 2019, Jeffrey Epstein was convicted and jailed for widespread sexual abduction.

Prince Andrew, 61, has always denied the allegations.

His lawyers asked the Manhattan court to dismiss the case because it did not refer to it as a “relief claim.” Alternatively, the plaintiff may ask the court to “provide a more conclusive version of his allegations.”

They also asked the court to hold an oral debate on these issues. Since the complaint was filed, the Duke of York has denied its claim before finally accepting it.

“Virginia Giuffre may have been sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein, and the horror and attraction of Epstein’s horrific behavior against Giuffre cannot be forgiven or fully expressed, if true,” the lawyers wrote.

“However, without minimizing the damage caused by Epstein’s behavior, Prince Andrew Gueffrey was never assaulted or sexually abused. Giuffre unequivocally denies the false allegations against him,” they added.

Prince’s lawyers have claimed that Ms Kieffrey had “received millions of dollars” since the 2017 out-of-court settlement after she filed a lawsuit against Geoffrey Epstein’s cousin, Kisline Maxwell.

They also said that an agreement he signed with Jeffrey Epstein in 2009 prevented anyone else from being prosecuted on charges of sexual abuse. As requested, Ms. Quefrey’s attorney did not respond immediately.

Prince Andrew has been charged with three counts of “sexual assault” on the property of Ms. Gufrey, then a minor, at the Kisline Maxwell in London and an American financier in New York and the Virgin Islands. Despite his refusal, his association with the American businessman plunged him into turmoil and forced him to retire from public life.

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