It wouldn't be fun!  Tauron has submitted a request to the Bureau of Energy Regulation for an increase in energy prices

Three of the four largest electricity providers, controlled by the Treasury, have applied for increased tariffs to sell electricity to households later this year.

Tauron is an energy supplier in the Racibórz region. Information from the industry portal shows that the company made the lowest order. It is estimated to be around 6% by the end of 2022.

– Energy companies rarely make tariff changes while they are in effect, because the tariff process takes a long time and requires the participation of many people. Typically, applications appear at the end of the year, are approved by the Energy Regulatory Office in December and are effective from January. The fact that companies are applying to the head of the Energy Regulatory Office for a price increase even a few months before the end of the year shows how exceptional the situation is, comments.

The rise in energy exchange prices has not only continued, but has accelerated in recent weeks. On Friday, energy prices with delivery in 2023 broke another record and amounted to 1560 PLN / MWh. In turn, the settlement price for the fourth quarter of this year was 1,757 PLN / MWh. Deliveries were assessed during peak demand hours in the fourth quarter (when households consume relatively a lot of electricity) – a trifle – PLN 1968/MWh (approx PLN 2/kWh) – adds the portal.

On the other hand, the tariffs with which power companies sell electricity to households today, at the most popular G11 tariff (24/7), range from PLN 413 in Energa to PLN 415/MWh net in Tauron. This is less than 25% of current market prices for the next quarter (Source:

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