Huge salary reduction, but Prycek remains at Wisła.  new responsibilities.  Football will 'decide'

June 13 is the day that Wisla Krakow Preparations have officially begun for the Fortuna 1 Liga campaign. Last season, the “White Star” dropped for the first time since 1994 Premier League And now you will fight to get back to the first class.

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Wisła Kraków even lost 20 million zlotys in decline. It might be in a crash

It will be a sensation. Mączyński may return to Wisla Krakow

The fall of the Vistula caused great anger and disappointment among the masses. They remained with their team until the end, but in the last game of the season, when it was already known that Wiswa would be relegated from the league, they poured out their wrath. was able to enter on the principle Everything – the players were called up and ridiculed, the management was criticized. until Jacob BlaszczykowskiWho came to the center of the field before the match and complained to the fans, could read the sign so as not to refuse outside help.

Several weeks have passed since those events. The club announced a press conference in which the club’s authorities presented the club’s current situation and plan for the coming months. An angel appeared on her, that is, Yaroslav Krulysky, Jacob B³aszczykowski and Tomasz Jażdżyński, as well as the Board of Directors, ie David Blaszczykowski and Maciej Bałaziński.

One of the most important questions about the future of the club was how the sports department in Wisla Krakow would be reorganized. It was the athletic side that was limping at the club for a long time, until mistakes eventually led to disaster. As David reported B³aszczykowskiwill be a major figure in the coming months Jerzy Brzochek. – Jersey Przychek It will be the manager. It will be fully integrated into the exploration process. Talks with the players. He will participate in the negotiation process. You will decide which one Footballer He goes to the club – he said. Jaroslaw Krolowski added that the coach would not be a scout.

Ekstraklasa Wisła Kraków - Warta Pozna . matchAnother transfer for Wisła Kraków. Knock for a shield for the club before the first league

Earlier, Vice Chairman Maciej Bałaziński revealed that Jerzy Brzęczek has agreed to work on a quarter of the salary he has received so far.

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