How to get the list of Michał Winnicki BCAST demo DVB-T2 / HEVC MWE permission channels

Experimental multiplexers appeared a few years ago in connection with preparations to change the digital terrestrial television standard. The transition to DVB-T2/HEVC was completed at the end of June. The changes have not affected MUX-3 and MUX-8 yet. The Bureau of Electronic Communications questioned whether it made sense to continue issuing permits for test emissions. After consulting with the National Broadcasting Council, the regulator decided yes, but approvals would be issued against payment. After a break of several weeks in Katowice, TVS multicasting has resumed.

The bureau has also approved a trial broadcast of Telewizja Polska in Elbląg in the old DVB-T standard, which will allow the local TVP3 band to be launched in this city. The public broadcaster paid 61,000 PLN for an annual pass. zloty. By the end of June, that is, before the introduction of fees, TVP received free licenses to operate the trial multiplier in DVB-T2 / HEVC in almost the entire country.

Multiplexing BCAST and MWE are not back yet

Although MUX pilot TVS has resumed, it has not yet happened for broadcasts from BCAST related to Polsat in Warsaw, Gdańsk and Wrocław (Polsat HD, Nowa TV HD, TV Republika, EWTN Polska, TV Okazje, Stars.TV, TV Regionalna. ) and the MWE group in Katowice and Szczecin (Filmax, Junior Music, Nuta Gold, Nuta.TV, Power TV, Stars.TV, XtremeTV). – To date, TVP and TVS multiplex approvals have been issued. The remaining actions (for MWE and BCAST) are still pending – inform Witold Tomaszewski, acting UKE spokesperson.

– BCAST plans to continue pilot emissions in the cities served so far (Wroclaw, Warsaw and Gdansk). In July, we (the company) applied to UKE. We are awaiting confirmation of the possibility of broadcasting and determining the terms of use of frequencies. After accepting new applications and terms, we expect services to resume within two weeks, in September – explained Katarzyna Adamczyk, Senior Public Relations Specialist at Cyfrowy Polsat in an interview with at the beginning of August. Currently, the owner of BCAST is more reserved. – When any decisions are made, we will inform them – Cyfrowy Polsat spokeswoman Olga Zomer clarifies.

Winnicki Multiplexer prepares to transition to DVB-T2 / HEVC

Decisions have not been made because the dispatchers have not yet completed the formalities. – We are working on completing the annexes to the applications of Szczecin and Katowice. No need to rush on our part, as many people still do not have DVB-T2 / HEVC TVs – Michał Winnicki, owner of the MWE group, explains in an interview with The National Media Institute estimates that 1.1 million households still do not have tuners or televisions compatible with the new standard.

The creator of the MWE group informs that his company has submitted a set of documents for demo broadcasting in Amlene near Radomsko. – This is a preparation for converting MUX L3 to DVB-T2 / HEVC. First, we will start a trial broadcast in Amelin and Katowice, then permanent broadcasts in DVB-T2 / HEVC from new broadcast facilities in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Częstochowa and the vicinity of Kamieńsko – reveals Winnicki. Most local multiplexes do not need to switch to DVB-T2 / HEVC yet. So the decision is in the hands of its operators. Winnicki previously revealed that after the standard change, the programming offering may be extended to its multiples.

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