March 20, 2023


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How will Sony's next console work?

How will Sony’s next console work?

Sony has patented a new console design that appears to be adapted for gaming with mobile devices. What is a PlayStation product?

Last week, the Japanese patent office approved Sony Interactive Entertainment’s application to design a new console. Its basic look and design is similar to the PlayStation 4’s DualShock, but the graphics posted stimulate the imagination not only towards the story. There are suggestions that the Play Station product can help gamers enter the gaming world using mobile devices instead of a console. Does this mean that there is no point in looking for a PS5 at a fair price?

What does Sony’s new console design look like?

The published diagrams of the Sony console design seem inconspicuous, but they spark imagination.

Console diagram. Source: Sony

The diagram seems to only show the mod of the Play Station 4 console. However, the central part of it has been changed in a way known from Nintendo solutions, and the surface is large enough that you can safely fit an additional screen into it. Information about this is missing in the patent documents, but the markings on the upper edge of the console have the role of clips. Just as if they were blocking a removable item, like a phone.

In the description of the design of the device, we can also read about the tilt control function. Besides, placing the phone in the pad can be an enjoyable experience during the game. It does not necessarily deprive us of visual impressions. A gamepad with a phone can be connected to a larger screen by an app. The project also includes a schematic diagram indicating that the controller will be able to communicate with external devices using a controller or plug-in.

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Patented Sony console wiring diagramSony patented console schematic diagram

Why does Sony need a new console for Playstation?

The project received a patent last week. Sony may begin implementing it immediately or in an unspecified future. Nor would it be unusual to put them back on the shelf or sell them. At the current stage, there are no reasons to take it more seriously than technological curiosity.

However, the controller of all the supposed functions has the right to arouse a lot of emotions. Sony’s response to xCloud from Microsoft may be successful. The reason PS crushed xBox is due to its library of games, especially exclusive titles. For now, it’s such a strong bargaining chip that gamers won’t be alarmed by Sony’s lack of cloud infrastructure. But time can be tough, and no one likes restrictions. Sony’s Remote Play is like a technical change compared to Microsoft’s streaming. Without remote access, even a good game can become useless.

The design of the console also complies with the PS manufacturer’s policy. Instead of going extinct with the xBox product, Sony has been actively looking for a place in the mobile field for several months. So far, with varying degrees of success and welcomed with skepticism by players, but it is not on a path full of failure. The ability to connect DualSense and DualShock controllers to your phone is a successful solution. If the following pad gives us more and makes PlayStation stop being a station, why not?

There will be no poll because the project is too compelling to read your comments. Let me know what you think of the design of the new Sony console.

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