M jak miłość, Episode 1633: Łukasz will go to Natalia and Katya to Georgia.  He wouldn't predict that Patricia would run away from her husband

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M jak miłość, Episode 1633: Łukasz will go to Natalia and Katya to Georgia. He wouldn’t predict that Patricia would run away from her husband

As it turns out, ukasz (Jakub Józefowicz) from “M jak miłość” hasn’t forgotten that he has a daughter in Georgia and is going to Natalka (Lena Dacic) and his ex-girlfriend Katja (Joanna Jarmowicz). Wojciechowski in episode 1633 “M jak miłość” would have no idea that Argasińska (Alżbeta Lenska) was holding his child under her heart. Łukasz still thinks Natalka is his only consolation, so he will leave to make up for lost time. Katya has not lived in Poland for a long time, now Wojciechowski will join her and never meet Patricia again?

Section “M jak miłość” 1633 – Monday, January 31, 2022, at 20.55 on TVP2

Soon ukasz will leave Poland in “M jak miłość”. He fought for Patricia for so long and told himself that he might not have fallen in love so much. He repeatedly tried to snatch Argasińska from the hand of her despicable husband, which always ended in fiasco.. Wojciechowski in “M jak miłość” still doesn’t know that Patricia is holding his child under her heart, so he decides to leave and visit his daughter. Let us remind you that Natalka and Katya live abroad, and Łukasz flies there from time to time so as not to lose touch with their little daughter. The physiotherapist does not see the child on a daily basis. Will it be like that after Patricia is born? Will Wojciechowski have a great connection with his descendants again? The situation will change in episode 1633 “M jak miłość”, when ukasz returns from Georgia to Poland and tells Marta (Dominika Ostałowska) that he will not give up in the fight for his lover.

“If you really care about someone, never leave them.” I lost Natalia, Igor raised her … and he will be considered her father, not me. And you know what I promised myself on that damned plane from Tbilisi? I won’t lose Patricia. I won’t let her go, I won’t make the same mistake again. Wojciechowski will say seriously.

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Marta is speechless under the influence of her son’s confession. In the 1633 episode “M jak miłość” he will try to think rationally. – Sony.. It’s not a good idea. Patricia towards the end of her pregnancy she had problems supporting her, you know she was in the hospital…she needs peace and quiet now, she can’t stand such a struggle The woman will say. – Patricia alone, she could not count on the support of her husband. I saw them together. He doesn’t love her… he has. private property. Like the house and the academic title… you will die with it, do you understand?! You will suffocate! … I know her, I know how sensitive she is – Wojciechowski would object.

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A visit to Katya and Natalka in Georgia will change everything. In the 1633 episode “M jak miłość”, ukasz will see his eyes open and understand that although he can fly to his daughter, she is not exclusive. I don’t want Patricia to be the same.

– Sorry, maybe I should not tell you about it … but you asked yourself, and I was tired of lies … deceiving others and myself. I’ll talk to Patricia, I’ll try again to convince her to leave that idiot and go with me – ukasz will explain this in episode 1633 “M jak miłość” i She would not predict that at the same time Patricia will decide to escape from her husband and will blackmail the head of the hospital.

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