High filling of the Baltic Sea.  Hydrological warning devices in three provinces

The Institute of Meteorology and Water Management issued second and first class hydrological warnings due to the high level of filling of the Baltic Sea. Warnings are in effect in three provinces in the north of the country.

The second level hydrological warning applies to the province West Pomerania ProvinceLake Szczecin and the Oder Estuary. On the other hand, alerts of the first level were issued in the region of the West Coast and inland sea waters of the Republic of Poland – the southern Baltic Sea. As announced in the statement, due to the expected meteorological condition and the fullness of the Baltic Sea (it was 529 cm on March 3), water levels in Lake Szczecin will rise above warning levels. In the downstream section of the Odra River, water levels are expected to rise to higher warning levels locally. The alert will be in effect until 8am on Friday.

In part of the province Pomeranian dog A first-class warning applies. It concerns the eastern coast and the inland sea waters of the Republic of Poland – the southeast of the Baltic Sea, Lake Vistula to the Nogat River and Lake Vistula. According to the report of meteorologists, due to the expected meteorological situation and the rising water level in the Baltic Sea on the eastern coast, fluctuations and increases in water levels are expected in the high-level region, locally above warning levels. The alert will expire on the 8th or 18th of Friday.

First-class warnings were also issued in the province. Warmia Masuria Province In the following catchment area: Zalew Wiślany, Bauda and Elbląg. It will expire on Friday at 18:00.

Hydrological WarningsIMGW

What is a Class II Hydrological Alarm

A second level warning means that water conditions (observed or forecast) are in the area above the warning states but below the warning states.

What is a first class hydrological warning

Level 1 warning is moderate risk. When in effect, water levels (observed or projected) in the area are below warning levels – and a sharp increase in the water level is to be expected.

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