Here's the most common color in 2024 (it's not gray).

The world of design is constantly in motion, with trends emerging year after year. Although teal has been one of the primary colors for some time, especially in 2020, 2024 marks the end of its reign. So, we say goodbye to the once fashionable duck blue, which now gives way to new trends.

The year 2024 was much higher

Duck blue has long been admired Sophisticated and timeless shade, easily fits into a variety of color palettes. with her depth Oscillating between the turquoise of the sea water and the dark green of the forest, this shade expresses a harmony between two distinct natural universes. A touch of imagination For modern spaces while awakening the mind. However, this color has lost its luster Very bold and unexpected options Stay tuned in 2024!

These other colors were in 2024

Duck blue isn't the only color in 2024. It seems that some shadows gradually disappear from within us Like mouse grey, powder pink or lacquer red Interior design trends of 2023 will no longer have their place.

Decorating trend: Which colors should you follow in 2024?

In 2024, Hot ton etc Chocolate brown, terracotta, taupe or even sage A trendy color dominates the scene. However, innovation is also in the introduction Bright colors Enliven our inner selves though through combinations In the color block Or subtle, vibrant touches! Vibrant shades of red, orange and purple Taking inspiration from the movement, they are making a remarkable comeback Memphis To bring boldness and vibrancy to our living spaces.

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