Here are the effects of Judge Frankowski’s performance

any. I think it should be. It remains only to sigh. When we found out that referee Bartosz Frankowski would officiate the Legia match after 539 days of abstaining from meetings with the capital’s team, we sensed the coming catastrophe…

We were not wrong.

Hell, we weren’t wrong.

Incredible Take a look at the cute face of Rafael Augustinjak, who lost his front teeth during the clash with Gornik Zabrze.

The Judge Frankowski Disaster

For almost a year and a half, Bartosz Frankowski has not been appointed as the main referee for matches involving Legia. Year and a half. A full year and a half. How does this even sound? This was determined, among other things, by a bizarre letter sent to the bench by President Dariusz Miodowski after the 36-year-old judge made a series of controversial decisions “against” the 15-time Polish champion. However, the suspension could not go on forever, they say, time heals wounds, it will heal until the wedding and stuff, so Frankowski went back to the station.

he is back.

Oh, he’s back.

He had a very dangerous encounter. Lygia on one side and Gurnik on the other. Emotions were boiling from start to finish, and Frankowski was widely known to have an obnoxious tendency to artificially amplify his power by playing the president caricatured, which incited unruly players to more heated debates and allegations. So it was this time too.

Chaos ensued.

The to-do list is long.

  • The strangest VAR check in all this twisted season came after Pekhart’s goal when Mvondo was about to kick Josue into the crowd. Frankovsky assessed that the Cameroonian had already applied a secret blow and … showed him a yellow card, although with this explanation he smelled like a red card.
  • Only a yellow card for Van den Hurk after knocking out two Augustyniak teeth.
  • A debatable red card to Josue, who was actually overreacting and mimicking rudely, but for God’s sake, it’s all Frankowski. He cannot naturally position players, convince them of his decisions with decisiveness and concreteness, so he plays in the most primitive way – showing cards.

It was a huge display of incompetence. After all, Artur Jędrzejczyk posed in front of the Canal Plus cameras and said: Perhaps Bartosz Frankowski will take a break from refereeing our matches.

This is quite an accurate comment in the context of events on the pitch, although – and it’s a clear and obvious one, we’ll always stress – we don’t fully support the selection of referees by players, coaches, managers, presidents and clubs in general.

The legionnaires are chasing the commander, Gurnik looks down

Amidst all this chaos, football itself has died. Ripped, nervous, poor match. Legia’s goal action can be likable. The growing form of Bartosz Kapostka deserves attention, Ernest Musey has scored very well (I hope more!), He is a class of professional linebacker in the league who can sometimes give more and defend points, as confirmed by Dominic Haddon. The deputy did his job. And that’s great about Costa Rancic’s team, that he delivers positive results, regardless of all the circumstances surrounding his matches.

This is what it should look like.

What about Gornik Zabrze? It seems possible to slowly announce that this team is in a fight for relegation. Maybe a little desperate. Advantage over the relegation zone? Two points. The competition is not asleep, others score points, bite the grass, climb up, and here? ego. Once upon a time, Artur Batek, the former Zabrze sports director, told us about Mateusz Čolwick, who signed him, that he is “useful from time to time.” sometimes. sometimes. These are the keywords. Now you can say that about almost the entire Bartosz team.




Recently, less often.

And they have to look behind their backs so that it doesn’t end in disaster.

Read more about Legia and Górnik:


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