Have companies outperformed the government?  There may be explosive data about the salaries of Poles

GUS data on Poles salaries for December 2021.

Economists at Santander Bank Polska Expect dynamics of 9.1 per cent.But in their opinion it may be much higher.

“In the case of wages, we see clear upside risks due to emerging indicators on this Some companies have accelerated the payment of wages to avoid covering the tax implications of the Polish deal. However, we do not know how large this phenomenon can be– They convince.

In fact, some even urged it. As we read in “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna” on December 28th, It is also worth considering early payment of December salaries and 2021 bonuses before the end of the year.. “DGP” wrote that:

Thanks to these shifts (from January 2022 to December of this year), it is possible to protect employees at least partially from the inability to deduct health insurance fees. Let us remind you that there will be no such possibility of the New Year as a result of the entry into force of the Polish Order, that is, the October 29, 2021 amendment of the Tax Laws (Journal of Laws, Item 2105, as amended) .

According to the newspaper, the advantage of the previous payment was the possibility of deducting 7.75% of the tax. The basis of the health insurance contribution. “For example, an employee with a gross salary of 15,000 zlotys per month will benefit from the bonus payment in December of this year (instead of January 2022) PLN 2221” – calculated “DGP”.

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Polish System – Criticism of Entrepreneurs

“Because of insufficient preparation and mistakes made in the Polish Lada, we have lost the opportunity to reform the tax system for years. And no serious tax reform was done on the knee, in a hurry, to achieve short-term political goals without social consultations. We urge the government to urgently address blatant errors and learn lessons for the future. Changes to taxes should not be made with such carelessness and ignoring the taxpayer.” – Thought to be the Confederation of Luatan.


Przemysław Pruszyński, tax advisor and director of the tax department of this organization explains that in July last year, when the draft Polish deal was presented, it aroused great controversy, and not only because It meant a huge increase in taxes and contributions for entrepreneurs, but because the rulers swore it wasn’t.

– They argued that the Polish deal would not cause a tax increase (because it actually caused an increase in health insurance premiums… Only this premium, in the Polish version, is just a tax). If the government raised tax rates by 9 percent, or by 4.9 percent, we wouldn’t have to deal with the gruesome complexity of tax adjustments. Only then would it be impossible not to call it a tax increase. Likewise with the amount of tax exemption. Without canceling the employee health insurance deduction, the same financial effect can be achieved by increasing it to 7.5 thousand. PLN, but this is not done, because it is better to say that the free amount increases to 30 thousand PLN, and not 7.5 PLN. zloty – Pruszyński is doing the census.

In his opinion, the whole thing is quite annoying, because it caused huge problems with the payment of taxes by entrepreneurs and employees (whose settlement requires the professional support of tax and accounting consultants who know tens of thousands of interpretations of the regulations issued by the Minister of Finance).

This frustrates everyone who has to bear the burden Tax expert summarizes.

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