Handball: SG Flensburg - Łomża Vive Kielce 25-33 UEFA Champions League

Northern Hell – This is what is said about Flens-Arena, where fans of Flensburg can create a very hot atmosphere. This time it was not there, because the pandemic restrictions in Germany prevented its realization. In the end it was very quiet in the standsBecause the people of Kielce had complete control over this meeting. Yet they have never won a match in this hall, even though they have always had fierce matches here. This time fate finally changed, although Łomża Vive didn’t play a big match. There will be time for that.

That’s because teams that return to the Champions League after a long break, whether it’s in September or February, seldom top up right away. Polish champion coach Talant Duishebayev However, expect the Flensburg game director, the best player in the last European Championship, to be in good shape. Jim Gottfriedson. From the start, a Kielce resident played high to make it difficult for the Swede to play the ball as much as possible. Once it was Dylan Nahiand for once Alex Duishebayev. This tactic worked because the hosts were very confused at first, and Viv was leading 3-0 after a few minutes. And it was decisive, because Flensburg never managed to equalize.

But Kelsey’s game was choppy, so the first half didn’t give them a comfortable position. Mainly because they were tossing in a lot of perfect situations a little carelessly and the Bosnian goalkeeper Flensburg Benjamin Borich Show his good side again. In the first half, he shot up to nine balls, including a penalty Arcadius Moreta. However, he had a worthy rival, because Andreas Wolff also showed great disposition, as if he had not for years – a player of Flensburg’s greatest rival, THW Kell. There was a moment when he silenced the local fans, but at that time, coach Duyshebayev put him on the bench for a moment. But the captain of Łomża Vive put in a great performance throughout the match, and Burić – only in the first half. Thanks to this, the guests were very comfortable playing the action. And Wolf is likely to dream about Hambus One Another European champion, expert in penalty kicks. He stood on the seventh meter twice and lost a duel with the German twice, as well as laying one-on-one from the wing. Gottfriedson played poorly, they only had good moments Mads Mensah Larsen if Lassi Svanbut that probably wouldn’t be enough to call the group leader, b However, Vive shook hands with the rival himselfBecause their mistakes in attack caused counterattacks by their opponents. Thus, Kelsey’s team led by only two goals after the first part of the match.

But in the second half it was quieter – the hosts did not even come close to three strokes. Wolff was still brilliantly in goal, with as many as 16 successful tackles, more than in the memorable match at Barcelona three months earlier. The Polish champions did a little worse when he was leading their match Mikai OlenichakBut in the end, it provided peace of mind Igor Karadzic. As usual, score important hits in the last quarter of the hour Alex Duishebayev – In the times when Flensburg could still believe in something. However, the last ten minutes are definitely for the guests.

After this win Łomża Vive Kielce is one step closer to being promoted directly to the Champions League quarter-finals – Two wins in Hala Legionów against the weakest teams in the group, ie Zaporozhye Motorbike and Dinam Bukarest, are enough. It is also possible that the Polish champion can do it from first place.

Flensburg: Buric (32%, 11/34) Møller (23%, 3/13) – Jakobsen 6, Steinhauser 3, Semper 3, Svan 2, Mensah Larsen 2, Gottfridsson 2, Mensing 2, Rød 2, Golla 1, Hald 1 , Wanne, Lindskog, Einarsson, Johannessen.

omża Vive: Wolff (40% 16/40), Kornecki (50%, 1/2) – Karacić 6, Nahi 6, Karalok 5, A. Dujszebajew 4, Kulesz 4, Moryto 3, Sićko 2, Thrastarson 2, Tournat 1, Vujović, Sanchez Megalon, Olejniczak, D. Duyshebaev, Sorgel.

Penalties: 2/5 (Flensburg) and 4/5 (Umta-Fif).

Penalties: 6 and 4 minutes.

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