June 6, 2023


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Mikhail Bazdan could earn millions.  Transfer, advertisement...

Mikhail Bazdan could earn millions. Transfer, advertisement…

When Poland played a goalless draw with Germany in the 2016 European Championship, Mishaw Bazdan was hailed as the hero of the match. Defender of Legia Warszawa made double and triple action on the French fields. And even the world champions of that time could not break his resistance.

This immediately caused the outbreak of “Pazdanomania” in Poland, which surprised even Pazdan himself. In a short period, the football player became one of the most popular football players, and profitable sports and advertising offers poured in his direction.

The madness started after the Germany match. My wife said to me, “Bazdi, what the hell have you done…?” We were living in a bubble at the time, I wanted to isolate myself from all of that. Heard what was happening in Poland, it was the beginning of the acting boom. I didn’t feel like this in France, but when I got home, I felt like more than just football. I became a public figure to be counted at every step – The defender of Jagiellonia Bialystok said in an interview with the “Bo Goezdko” channel.

“Pazdi” has become one of the most wanted actors by advertisers. And not only because of the wonderful game and positive character, but also because of the characteristic baldness. As Bazdan himself admits, during that time he received about … thirty advertising offers.

– Financially, Rexona was the best. I also had Uber, a media expert. There were such stories that someone wanted me to come into the cast and that was the only thing I was supposed to get paid for. I didn’t have to agree to anything, it was enough for me to come and score something. In my contract I had a judgment that if I didn’t agree, nothing would happen. But at the time, we were playing every three days. I wasn’t used to it and it was hard for me to connect the ball to the outside world. It’s been too long for a little while – the 34-year-old explained.

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Not only advertisers were crazy about Pazdan, but also football clubs, who wanted to see at home a defender who could even keep Cristiano Ronaldo. Offers were received by Warsaw, incl. From Girondins Bordeaux, Betisu Sevilla, Genoa or Ingolstadt, but Legia always said “no”. However, Besiktas Istanbul was the closest to winning the representative of Poland.

– I regret more of this offer. Then I ran out of experience and self-confidence. Later, I spoke to President Bogo Lenodorsky. It was a day before the end of the window, we were in Warsaw, because there was a break for the staff. Legia will receive nearly 3 million euros for the 29-year-old. If I went to the chief’s office and insisted on leaving, he said he would let me go. Besides, I received other offers, but all these offers were worth 1.5 million euros. And it wasn’t bad in Lygia after that, so I stayed – says Bazdan.

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