A Plague Tale: Requiem - See how the RTX 4090 handles the game
October 16, 2022, 12:10

author: Camille “grim_reaper” Klasik

We’re just hours away from the much-anticipated premiere of A Plague Tale: Requiem. So the material presenting the title launched on the RTX 4090 leaked onto the network, and I must admit that the video is impressive.

Image source: Focus Entertainment

And the

Have you wondered about the capabilities of the new RTX 4090 graphics card? If so, a certain person has come to help you youtube user (and editor DSOG), Who posted on his channel a material depicting the procedure A Plague’s Tale: Requiem Only on this NVIDIA device. Below you can watch the first ten minutes of the upcoming production. And it is better to hurry, because the video will be quickly removed if it turns out that the ban imposed by the game publisher – Focus Entertainment has been violated in this way.

You’ll probably agree with me that the graphics generated by the new RTX (with DLSS support) look exceptional. Unfortunately, it had an effect on the smoothness of the image – 30 frames per second.

Let us remind you that we met a few days ago Hardware Requirements PC version A Plague’s Tale: RequiemWhich – let’s face it – is very high. Undoubtedly, many “cans” will get short of breath with Asobo Studio’s latest work.

A Plague’s Tale: Requiem It will debut on PC, as well as on PS5, XSX/S, and Switch. On the release date (October 18), the production will also be available on PC/Xbox Game Pass.

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