Fuel prices Pb95, Pb98, ON, LPG - 13.10.2021.  At some stations, gasoline and diesel fuel cost more than PLN 6 per liter

The average price of Pb98 gasoline at stations exceeded the psychological limit of PLN 6 per liter, and automobile gas at PLN 3.11 per liter reached a new record – analysts report from the online gasoline portal. According to the reports of TVN24 correspondents, Pb95 gasoline also costs more than PLN 6 at an increasing number of petrol stations.

Analysts of the portal reported that after an increase of 0.1 PLN, those who refuel with 98-octane gasoline pay 6.09 PLN for one liter. This is the highest number in the history of e-petrol.pl quotations.

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The price of petrol at stations exceeded 6 PLN per liter

They noted that the price of diesel fuel was the same as 5.89 PLN / liter which is also the highest average price for this fuel recorded by the portal. Four more than last week – 5.89 PLN / liter – are also paid to buy a liter of Pb95 gasoline.

They added that the increases did not spare the car fuel, the price of which, equal to 3.11 PLN / liter, reached a new record.

Average fuel prices in Polande-petrol.pl

E-Petrol analysts noted that the price of gasoline – the highest to date – was already in force at Polish stations in the spring of 2012 and 2013, and in the summer of 2013. “An archival retail price analysis shows that gasoline and diesel prices are equal for the second time – and for the first time these types of fuel cost Fuel cost the same as in March 2019, when it was paid 5.09 PLN / liter.

Gasoline prices in Poland – where is the cheapest and where is the most expensive?

According to the portal, Wielkopolska currently stands out on the fuel map in Poland, where refueling is the cheapest – gasoline costs the cheapest there: 5.83 (the same price as Pb95 is valid in Łódź Voivodeship) and 6.03 PLN / l Plus diesel and self-gas: 5, 84, 3.05 zlotys / liter.

On the other hand, Pb95 gasoline is the most expensive in Podlasie and in the Cuyavia-Pomeranian province, a liter of which costs an average of PLN 5.90 / liter. Also in Podlasie and in the Opole region, it is most profitable to buy a liter of Pb98 – PLN 6.14 / l. In the Podlaskie Voivodeship, diesel is also the most expensive, it is offered at stations in this part of Poland with an average of 5.93 PLN / l. Autogas with an average price of PLN 3.14 / liter costs more in Podkarpacie and Małopolska – Reported.

TVN24 reporters noted that at some stations, prices for diesel oil and unleaded gasoline Pb95 exceeded the level of PLN 6.

The station in GoriMałgorzata Marczok / TVN24

A stop on the A2 motorway in the section from Pozna to ŚwieckoBawi Jirat / TVN24

Fuel and oil prices in Europe and the world

Taking into account the average salary, a German can buy more than twice as much gas for his salary as a pole.

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In the past year, the price of a barrel of oil has increased by 100% – from $40 to $80. WTI oil costs about $80.50. per barrel, while Brent – just over $83. barrel.

Fuel price – excise tax and value added tax

When it comes to components of Pb95 gasoline prices, almost half of it goes to the state treasury: excise tax is responsible for 26%, value-added tax is 19%, and fuel surcharges are 3%. The purchase cost at the refinery is 48 percent and the margin is 4 percent.

In the case of ON, the situation is similar: excise tax – 20 percent, value added tax – 19 percent, fuel surcharges – 6 percent. On the other hand, the purchase cost at the refinery is 50%, and the retail margin is 5%.

Fuel price components in PolandBM . reflex

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