Frozen Marilla as Elsa.  This is how artificial intelligence imitates a Disney character

Artificial intelligence also opens up many possibilities in the field of image creation. Unfortunately, as is often the case, each stick has two ends and these types of tools are often used to create satirical drawings. This happened, among other things, Disney posters.

While browsing the Internet, you’ve probably come across humorous adaptations of Disney posters. It is worth mentioning here as examples Marela Rudovic is frozen in a piece of ice like Elsa From the movie Frozen or Jaroslav Šimczyk holds a grenade launcher in his hand and a large hole in the wall in the background. There are many such pictures circulating on the Internet.

It started as a trend last month, when reproductions of Disney posters started appearing online. Initially, dogs played the main role, but the trend soon spread to other regions. This led to a real influx of various drawings using images of famous personalities.

The tool that allowed you to create such graphics is Bing image creation program Based on artificial intelligence. However, it seems that Microsoft introduced it on its own or thanks to Disney’s offerings (which is not yet clear). Changes to the application, which effectively limited its capabilities that were very popular among Internet users until recently.

First, the giant from Redmond banned the word “Disney.” Entering it led to the appearance of a message informing you that you did not comply with the rules for using the tool. However, the ban was later lifted, but the logo of a well-known company associated with the film industry was defaced. At this moment the blockage occurs again.

There have been previous reports of alleged allegations regarding the use of the Disney logo in the Bing Image Creator tool, and this appears to be the reason for blocking the ability to create images linked to images belonging to the studio. Marilla Rodovich, frozen in a piece of ice like Elsa, will have to wait for better days.

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